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Do Nurses Earn Big Money? You Decide. - page 32

Am I the only one who becomes at least mildly irritated whenever a random individual finds out that someone is a nurse and proceeds to say, "You're rolling in the big bucks!" To keep things... Read More

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    I agree it depends on where you live and your definition of "rolling in dough." I make enough for one person to support a family through high school as long as there are no great needs out of the ordinary, but my income would not pay for college. My personal situation is such that I support a son with extraordinary medical needs and a granddaughter, so I need to work OT to provide for everything and have no retirement savings.

    If looking only at the amount of yearly income for the average nurse, then nurses make a somewhat above average income in my opinion, but are certainly not "rolling in the dough" since that implies to me a well above average income that would allow for a nice house, 2 nice cars, college for at least 2 kids, and retirement savings for both parents.

    If you consider the knowledge that a nurse must have to do the job well, along with the responsibility, accountability, and personal risk that comes with the job for most nurses, then they do NOT get paid enough!
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    It may be "big money" for those who have tax write offs, such as a home for example. I can't look at the breakdown of my paystub without feeling a little helpless. Wishing that i hadn't spent so much on an RN education.
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    I do believe that some nurses can earn big money......I have been nursing for About 14 years and I make without overtime 90k a year working in long term care
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    Do nurses make big money? No. That's not to say that I don't feel that I take home a pretty decent paycheck. That being said I am married with a spouse who makes a little more than I do and no kids so we are pretty darned comfortable. If you are like me, or single with few expenses a nurses salary can go a decent way. But in no way am I rolling in the dough! I also work long stressful nights, have no guaranteed holidays or weekends and am often in some situations that can be dangerous (needle sticks, violent patients, communicable diseases, etc). Overall I feel like nurses are paid adequately, but by no means do we make big money.