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  1. MLSTTS2015

    My PICU dreams are coming true!!!

    Hello Everyone! I recently had an interview for a PICU at a very large teaching hospital. It went very well and the manager said she just has to look over my references and pending they are all good I will get an offer. I am trying not to get my hopes up until I actually hear from HR though. She also said that she wants me to stay where I am for a full year which will be the end of June so that I can come in as a clinician 2 into the hospital system. My dream has always been to work in a picu; especially this PICU, as it is where my baby brother passed away. I know that sounds morbid but his nurses were phenomenal and since then I have wanted to provide for children and families just as those nurses did. I currently work on a very bust intermediate care unit. We take most drips except pressers. We currently can not titrate however that's changing next month. we take continuous bipap and high flow oxygen, no vents. We do get trached patients. our ratio is three to five depending on acuity. I am wondering how difficult my transition will be from where I am now to this level 1 trauma center PICU that sees everything from cardiac surgeries to transplants hem/onc and burns. anyone with advice for me would be much appreciated!!
  2. MLSTTS2015

    Need help on how to become an NP

    In virgina you have to be an RN to be an NP and maintain you RN license. Most NP programs whether they are MSN or DNP want you to have at least a year of floor nursing experience first. so I know here you have to go through nursing school first. but it may be different in other states?
  3. MLSTTS2015

    please help!

    where I live (Va) there are no LVN or LPN to RN bridge programs you have to start over but it may be different where you are
  4. MLSTTS2015

    I'm so ready

    I graduated in may and I too went through school without a backup plan. Being a nurse was what I always wanted I really have no idea what else I would do outside the realm of nursing. I never went through school saying what if I fail what if I fail because that just wasn't an option for me. I wish you the best of luck!!
  5. MLSTTS2015

    Age- looking young

    I am a new nurse and I look younger than I am. I just turned 25 but look barely 20. It did not hurt me in my interview process because most of the managers already knew me threw clinicals and me working at that hospital as a tech. However sometimes I think it throws some of the patients off. I get comments such as "your an RN you cant be much older than 18 if that!" but in situations like that I just reassure them and carry myself with confidence but not cockiness. and remember never freak out where the patients can see you and always ask coworkers for help
  6. MLSTTS2015

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

  7. MLSTTS2015

    RN Relocating to Virginia

    I work in Richmond. I Graduated in may and they started me at a little over 24 an hour. I work nights so I also get shift diff. The pay in Virginia varies quite a bit depending on where you are and what kind of Nurse you are.
  8. MLSTTS2015

    Pearson Trick

    I dont think she used a trick taking it its a trick that people use to try and find out if they passed it sooner but t no longer works.
  9. MLSTTS2015

    Pearson Trick

    do you mean the trick where you try to register for the nclex again and if it lets you you supposedly failed if it doesnt you passed......if so pearson fixed their sytem so everyone can reregister regardless of if you passed or failed. That "trick" no longer works. However chances are if it cut off at 75 you passed. Mine cut of at 75 and I did, and everyone else that I know that cut off at 75 passed. Good luck to you I wish you the best.
  10. MLSTTS2015

    To old for nursing school?

    you are absolutely not too old. If this is what you want go for it! I had women in my graduating class that were in ther 30s all the way to one that was 52
  11. MLSTTS2015

    What jobs did you do before nursing?

    busgirl at 15 babysitting cashier waitress assistant teacher in two different daycare's patient care tech in two different hospitals while in nursing school and now an RN at 24
  12. MLSTTS2015

    John Tyler Spring 2016 applicants

    look into Bon secours it is a great school and it is BSN. it is very challenging but worth it in the end
  13. MLSTTS2015

    Poll- Caring Employer

    i couldnt find the poll....i think my company is better than some but it is still a no
  14. MLSTTS2015

    John Tyler Spring 2016 applicants

    hey yall, just wondering if yall were applying to others in the area as well, they are all getting so hard to get into even with high grades and teas scores because so many people are applying. I would recommend applying to at least two different schools. I had a 3.8 and high teas scores dont remember exact score and was put on the waiting list at john tyler; but got into bon secours because they looked at other things such as reference letters and an essay you have to write.
  15. honestly it is all gonna depend on you and what works best for you. you have to find it and stick with it. I worked alot through school so I was always a crammer I had to be. however I never missed a class and always payed attention. study groups worked for me and the Saunders nclex comprehensive book is amazing I used it all the way through nursing school and still look at it from time to time. Dont let students in the semesters above you scare you because what has been difficult for them may not be difficult for you. Nursing school is Hard very hard but it is what you make it. Dont let yourself get overly stressed take one week at a time and roll with the punches.
  16. MLSTTS2015

    Failed NCLEX, should I become a CNA?

    study for the Nclex. you have graduated form nursing school so dont give up. Becoming a CNA I feel would just be a distraction. but don't study all day all the time, what are you struggling with, start from there. what are you using to study with? do you have the Saunders comprehensive NCLEX book its a really good one. and I don't know what review courses they offer in your area; but I did the HURST review and it was amazing.