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Am I the only one who becomes at least mildly irritated whenever a random individual finds out that someone is a nurse and proceeds to say, “You’re rolling in the big bucks!” To keep things honest, I’ll recall a few... Read More

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    Great post/thread.

    Thanks, Commuter.
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    Quote from Jean Marie46514
    also, slightly off topic, but, when we began getting a higher % of male nurses, i naively sorta kinda thought, "YESssss, now we will be paid more!!"
    but, it never became a HUGE % like i'd hoped, and some males joining our ranks didn't make much difference in our pay scales at all, much to my surprise.

    *** It's cause we are still only 6% of RN. Mark my words if the day ever comes where 30-50%+ RNs are male it will mean higher pay for nurses. Male RNs already make on average 9% more than female nurses according to a study I saw in AJN a few years ago.
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    Quote from Jean Marie46514

    to be clear, the "system" has not changed in the past 4 years.
    It's the exact same "system" we've had in place for eons, so i am not sure why you wrote //" It's no wonder the welfare rate has increased so much in the last four years. the system..."//
    as if the system had somehow 'changed' in past 4 years, cuz, it hasn't. Same ol, same ol.

    but, something DID change, and dramatically, in the summer and fall months of 2008.

    The USA, and in fact, much the entire global economy, has suffered an economic meltdown. The USA is still recovering from the economic meltdown of the summer and fall of 2008, which caused millions and millions of jobs to be lost, and sent millions into poverty. An easy to follow movie on this economic meltdown, is "Too Big To Fail".
    I apologize for being unclear. You are absolutely right. It is the same system. what I meant to say, was over the past four years there has been an additional 165 billion dollars spent on government aid programs, which of course does not help with the suffering economy we are still encountering. A little off subject though.
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    Quote from kmillersocal
    I apologize for being unclear. You are absolutely right. It is the same system. what I meant to say, was over the past four years there has been an additional 165 billion dollars spent on government aid programs, which of course does not help with the suffering economy we are still encountering. A little off subject though.

    actually, oddly, it does help the economy. NOt sure if you are well versed in economics, but, a dollar of govt aide, WILL be spent, WILL be circulated through the stores, the shoppes, the community, and there is almost no better investment into a dying economy than giving aide to the most poor among us.
    They WILL spend that money.
    It is the most huge and most impactful return on that investment into an economy one can make.
    Each and every dollar will be circulated, and each and every business that mom spends her money in, is a lil more likely to stay open/stay in business,
    this is "circulation" of the money, which IS what we need most desperately.

    compared to corporate welfare, (which, oddly no one ever complains aobut, ever!!) Giving cash to the incredibly rich, tend to send their cash to overseas banks and NOT re-invest it/circulate it through a community.

    I am not entirely certain if your number there is accurate, but that is about how much one hour of the wars were costing...per hour.
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    Good article, Commuter. Actually I've enjoyed reading all of your articles since becoming a member of this site. In "Carlas" case, yeah she had a reality check lol. But for those who do not receive government assistance, I'm sure that you can understand why they think that $70k is a lot of money. (*Well, come to think of it, $70k IS a lot of money ) I mean, lets say a single person is struggling to get by on $12 an hour with no assistance. They are probably working a decent amount of overtime to do so, so they likely work at least 48 hrs a week. They also probably don't have a staggering amount of disposable income either when all responsibilities are paid.

    Fast forward them through school. They (Eventually) start a job as an RN, and now make $32 an hour. If they are lucky enough to work 48 hours a week with that, and don't go crazy with the extravagant house and car, then in their case it is a VERY nice lifestyle bump.

    I myself am not going into Nursing for the money, as I make well over the $70k average (although that doesn't matter-I still stick by the opinion that $70k IS a lot of money ) with my current job-I'm an A/C tech here in HOT LAS VEGAS. But I've been that $12 an hour guy, so I understand (Actually, $9.25...) Try not to hate them so much
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    The confusion that nurses make "a lot" of money could stem from people viewing nurses who are single and don't have many financial obligations like excessive loans, multiple car payments, family expenses etc...... The people may be able to splurge more because of possibly not having quite as many finis coal obligations as a nurse with the same amount if experience but have kids and multiple student loans to pay off etc...

    Nurses do make more than a number of other professions, but that doesn't mean their rich of course. You can live comfortably on a nursing salary, according to your situation.
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    It is funny that you bring this topic up. I am currently a firefighter/medic, but start my first nursing job in 2 weeks. All I hear from my coworkers is how I'm off to make big money. They are shocked when I tell them my base pay is actually about $8000 less, or about what a new firefighter makes, and these are people who work around nurses every day. I think people believe RNs make what NPs make. Because I was hired for night shifts, the shift diffs will bump me about $500 higher per year than I already make. The only thing that will actually make it worth it in the short-term is that the fire dept. is keeping me on part-time, meaning I can make extra money there. Long-term, I'm looking to be a CRNA, so that is the other part that makes this new job worth taking since I'm going to an ICU and can start getting the required experience.
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    This notion makes me extremely angry as well. I have not gotten my first job yet, but right after I graduated, I met a student who was getting ready to start nursing school and she said that her school said she would make 70,000 dollars a year as a new grad (in my area). Um, no...hate to break it to you, but they lied to you to get your money. I corrected the info. and she got mad. She also said that she would not be doing CNA work because "nurses don't do that". Um wrong again, sweet pea. I informed her that sometimes she will and especially in ICU and such. I also said that nurses work weekends and holidays in the hospital setting. She didn't like that. She informed me that she would go an additional 16-18 months and be a nurse anethesiologist (sp?). I told her yes, that's possible, but they prefer critical care experience in ICU (you know, the area they do CNA work) before they take you because after all, if something goes wrong with anesthesia, you better know what to do because going under you are pretty close to death....I don't know how her first semester went or even if she stayed.
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    I think nurses get paid very well for the amount of education that they have. Not in many other professions can one make 60k their first year out of school. Sometimes I look at my union contract and think "I am part of what's wrong with healthcare in America." Double overtime, triple time holidays, large shift differentials, weekend bonuses, extra shift bonuses, and God help us if we don't get a raise every year... Don't get me wrong, I love these perks, but I do think nurses are more than adequately compensated. So yes, I guess to answer the question- nurses can make a good amount of money. Maybe not the "big bucks" but decent enough, I'd say! Hiding now, please don't hate!
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    Quote from deann52
    She did not have "dispoable income" as a CNA. She was getting handouts from the govenment. Now she has a job that gives her enough to pay her own bills so I don't have too. Sorry, but that whole paragraph with the income breakdown is a big fat welcome to the real world and grow up.
    Are you implying that people who work minimum or low wage jobs aren't "grown up" or living in the real world? That's incredibly offensive.
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