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I know of a nursing student who withheld the fact that she had university credits when she applied. So basically, the rule is that when you apply to this 4-year BScN program if you have university credits you can only apply... Read More

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    I don't see why this is a dilemma... it's really none of your concern. What good would getting her kicked out do anyone at this point? And really- why do you think you should take it upon yourself to point out to the school a problem within their own verification process and get a girl kicked out of school in the process?

    Do you have a problem with this girl? How did you come by this information in the first place? What is it about her that makes you want to tell on her? If she were your best friend or a family member, would you even consider for a second turning her in?

    I think I would have a much heavier conscience having had someone kicked out of school for this than having minded my own business and carried on with my life. JMO

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    Although now's the time to "Tell" if you are going to do it. If you wait until the real world & find out she is making more $$ then you or has a better job. It will be too late and if you "Tell" on her then you will probably get fired for not minding your business...
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