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I don't know why I was remembering this, but it sure is funny now.... :lol2: I was one of those kids they would have to lay down to draw blood so they wouldn't faint. I remember once in college (before nursing school) I... Read More

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    Needles never bothered me. When I was little, 7 or 8, whenever I went to my doc and got a shot, I would just sit there and watch as the needle when in, even when it was PCN. It would take so long cos it was so thick.
    To give myself a shot, was a different story. I used to take B12 injections and would take me 45min to an hour to inject myself.

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    Quote from studentmommakt
    All these responses are very encouraging...I want to be a nurse, but I have a terrible needle phobia. I can't watch when my blood is drawn or when I get a shot, I pass out about 15 minutes after my blood is drawn, and once my boyfriend at the time had to have an IV for a procedure and I watched the nurse start it, and I don't know what went wrong but blood started squirting everywhere and down I went. Next thing I remember I was in the bed next to my boyfriend and there were smelling salts being shoved under my nose... I gave up on my desire to be a nurse until a friend of mine (she's a RN) gave me some encouragement and sent me to this website.
    It wasn't my intention when starting this thread to help people out but I'm happy that it was useful to you! Many of us that are now practicing nurses had fears. If not of needles, it is of infectious diseases/bacteria (everybody knows a nursing student that gowns, gloves and masks to go into a standard precautions room at one point in time!), procedures, doctors, etc. It can ALL be overcome with a little patience with yourself and repetition/practice. Best wishes to you with whatever you decide for your future.

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