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  1. neonatal_nurse

    Should i give references even if i'm still at my current job?

    Thanks strength4unityRN, I will be on the lookout for that. :) I agree NedRN, that was how i did it in the past for my employers, i always get a recommendation/...
  2. neonatal_nurse

    Should i give references even if i'm still at my current job?

    Ok thanks! strength4unityRN! I haven't told anyone at all, I was just concerned that it might reflect badly on me and since i haven't told anyone, they might ge...
  3. I'm looking into travel nursing (for the first time) and have gotten some positive responses. I have submitted everything except for references. Should i give i...
  4. neonatal_nurse

    New Grad Trying for NICU

    New grads beware: It takes awhile. Really. So don't try to kill yourself in the process. Whether NICU or not, those who have the experience of at least a year w...
  5. neonatal_nurse

    Need help nrp online exam lesson 3

    Oh haha! Sorry about that. I was just stuck on the use of resuscitative devices for ppv chapter, apparently the most "meaty" part of the course. The questions w...
  6. neonatal_nurse

    Need help nrp online exam lesson 3

    Omg! It's been awhile since I have last taken my nrp exam (back in my home country) and as I recall, it was not this hard! I read the book (6th ed) plus the CD ...
  7. neonatal_nurse

    Help on job seeking tips

    What is ur visa/immigration situation here in the US? You can't just go here as a tourist and be hired. You must be a legal permanent resident at least. As of n...
  8. Can you pm me on my account? Thanks!
  9. Hello azirr05, This thread is very helpful I agree. Tried to pm you but couldn't. Same situation here, I just got my US SSN and I actually inquired with them...
  10. neonatal_nurse

    work part time as a CPR instructor?

    Yes that would be a good part time job. And you would also have experience in teaching which is always good for your future endeavors. Good luck! :)
  11. neonatal_nurse

    Did you ever have needle phobia?

    Yeah I think everyone has some fears of some sort before being fully immersed into this profession. I had a classmate who would get dizzy on the sight of blood ...
  12. neonatal_nurse

    Cosmetic Surgery RN- waste of time and experience?

    I SOOO agree to all responses!!! :) Just to add, most nurses who don't work in hospitals but are in sub-specialty areas like clinics, companies, schools etc....
  13. To OP: Dude, why are you taking up Nursing in the first place? If you were making much money as a Pilot then just keep doing that in my opinion. If money wil...
  14. neonatal_nurse

    New graduate RN need help with resume!

    I think what you did is fine. Most employers will know that as a new grad RN they can't really expect much from you in terms of experience.
  15. neonatal_nurse

    Preparing for a phone interview

    I think it would just be similar with a one-on-one interview if you ever had one before. It would help if you research about the job and the company beforehand ...
  16. neonatal_nurse

    Thinking about becoming a nurse in Canada

    I think going to school for at least 2 years is worth it. It would help you greatly in your career. Good luck and go for it! :)