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    Quote from loriangel14
    30 minutes for coffee, 45 minutes for lunch.Both off the floor so you can't hear the darned bells. Hour and a half nap on nights.
    Seriously? That is so awesome!

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    Yep.No matter how busy it is.They make sure we get our breaks.
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    There is more and more research coming out that breaks are a necessity for patient safety and nurse well-being. While I was always guilty of taking my breaks "with the door open" so I could listen out, I would have loved to shut my mind off for a full thirty and just relax.
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    Quote from loriangel14
    Yep.No matter how busy it is.They make sure we get our breaks.
    What state and is it union....just curious....
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    hmm define break....

    I could liken it to old style horse training- They break you until you have no life left in you.......
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    The time when I can groan "I'm on my -insert profanity- break! What can't wait another 6 minutes!" When I am disturbed.
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    Break to me is enough time to finish a decent sized meal and a few minutes to pee.
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    Quote from lkulmann
    Breaks are required by law in some states. If you don't get one, it should be
    In my part of the world, there has been lawsuits over this...employees said they didn't get a break, employers say "your fault" to the employee. Well, believe it or not, the employees won.
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    On our floor, only one staff member at a time may take a break on midnights. Well, there are ten of us. That's five hours and we can't take the break before 1 or after 5. You do the math!

    The techs take their breaks, and a few of the nurses do but most of us don't.

    This is the same management that thinks if you clock out on time there is no way you had a bad night.
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    Quote from lkulmann
    What state and is it union....just curious....
    Ontario Canada and yeah it's union
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