Daycare and Nursing

  1. Future RN student (start Jan 2014) with an important question:
    Where do your babies go when you're doing your clinicals / shift?
    I have a toddler who will be 2 by the time I start and I really have no idea where I'm going to put her. Clinicals start at 7am ( which means I'm parking the car by 6:30) and most daycares here in NY open at that time. Hubby works nights and is dead to the world at that time, my nearby siblings work and leave early. One grandmother has sleep problems and can't watch the kids early while the other is wishy washy at best and not very dependable.
    Btw, I am the only one with a car. So I was just wondering what kind of arrangement do you have for your kiddos? Any advice? Please let me know!
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  3. by   richardgecko
    My clinicals started @ 645am and hubby worked nights, 7a-7p

    Granny got son ready in the AM, hubby picked him up at 7:15ish, dropped him off & was at home and asleep by 8a.

    If hubby understands, he'll help.
  4. by   chrissylovegood
    I understand I got afternoon classes expect on clinical day and luckily my mom has that day off but if she didn't I honestly don't know what I would do. In the past I had to drop classes because of someone taking care of my daughter. Maybe you could ask local daycares if they know of an individual who does child care and see of they are willing just to come to your house the morning you have early class and take your child to daycare goodluck everything will work out I'm sure
  5. by   KCMnurse
    If you have located a daycare perhaps there is another mother dropping off early you could partner with? They could drop him off and maybe you do pick up? It isn't easy, been there done that. But we are resourceful and it will work out.
  6. by   HippyDippyLPN
    The daycare my kids go to open at 6 am, I would be surprised if you couldn't find one. Find daycares around hospitals, many of them cater to these early hours to get hospital employee business. If you can't find one, try an independent provider. I have good luck with in home private daycares in the past. Pro is they can be more accommodating to odd schedules, con is they don't have a boss so they can call of whenever they please. I paid for background checks on every adult in the house of the houses my kids went too and asked for 3 former client references or current ones. I also would do random drops in just to make sure it was all good. I think that has helped me avoid bad situations. I did tire of the wishy washy in home schedule so I forked out the extra money for a facility daycare.
  7. by   pixiestudent2
    My clinicals start at 7 am. My kids daycare opens at 6:30. I do not drive either. I do him of at 6 30, run to the bus stop that's 5 mins away, then a ten minute bus ride. I usually get to my floor with no time to spare. It's risky. But I made it through my first year okay. I wouldn't recommend it though, very stressful.
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  8. by   douxmusique
    Most daycares dont open until 7, true, but there some thT open at 6 you have to search. Also, if youre open to it you can look for a licensed home childcare provider. They usually open at 6.
  9. by   Morganalefey
    Have you considered an in-home daycare? They tend to be more flexible with their hours.

    The regular day cares in my area open at 6am. I bet if you look around, you can find one like that as well.
  10. by   JasmDasm
    Thanks for the advice. There are a few in home childcare places close to where I live. I've interviewed them all and the one that I absolutely love opens at 7.
    Plus, we are trying to survive on Hubby's income alone, so money is tight. And he feels that I should cover everything else (cooking, cleaning, kids, sitter) since he is the only one who works. Bleh, I just wish my family was more reliable.
  11. by   NicuGal
    Sounds like hubby needs to step up. My husband and I worked opposite shifts for years and juggles the child care. And we have NO family here. We finally found a daycare that opened at 6a (Kindercare) and the kids got dropped off by him and I got to sleep until 2pm. Once he got home we had early dinner and I would nap if I was working at 11pm or just go to work at 7pm.

    You both have to work up a plan. Good luck!
  12. by   RN&mom
    I really hope you and your Husband can come to a better arrangement, nursing school is tough and you will need his support. Another option for child care may be to have a sitter come into your house and watch your child. I just started this for my special needs 10 year old, my older son used to watch him the little I needed him to but now that I'm working days instead of overnights I needed someone full time. My older son works full time so I have one of the girls in his class watch my son. If you don't know any teenagers and think this might work for you, call the school (there will be someone there even in the summer) and see if the guidance counselor can give you the name of some good kids. There are responsible kids out there. My family is no help with my kids so I know how it is. But seriously good luck in school, and I'm sure when your husband sees how much time you have to devote to studying he'll pitch in with housework. If he doesn't make sure HIS laundry is the last you do, that generally gets the point across.
  13. by   hiddencatRN
    I found a private sitter to take care of DD when I go back to work. I work weekend nights and DH works every other weekend with an overnight so it was the only option for us. I really like our sitter tho. We found her by word of mouth.
  14. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    Hire someone to come to your home and babysit, at least until your spouse can get up and take over.