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Nurses, did you know that in the US, cocaine was sold over the counter until 1914 and was commonly found in products like toothache drops, dandruff remedies and medicinal tonics? 1885... Read More

  1. by   caroladybelle
    I have assisted MDs several times with procedures that involved cocaine solution.

    Most have been resolving acute lifethreatening bleeds in oncology pts that had poor coagulation and negligible platelet counts. Usually nonstop nose bleeds, and one was an acute oral bleed in a pt with extremely poor dentician.

    A few times it was used topically, where there was a large area of superficial wounds with a disproportionate amt of bleeding and pain. Gauze saturated with the solution applied sparingly to the wounds will slow/stop bleeding (because of the acute vasoconstriction) of the site and numb it temporarily, permitting easier cleaning, suturing and local anesthesia/injection. If you had to repeatedly inject lidocaine in that large an area, your pt (especially children) may object strenously. The solution application makes it more tolerable and significantly reduces bleeding, though usually dilute enough to have little systemic effect.

    My understanding is that some dentists use it and it is used in ENT procedures/surgery, because of it's highly vasoconstriction properties, in those highly vascular areas.
  2. by   x_factor
    Heroin used to be used for coughs back in 1901.

  3. by   Stcroix
    Heck, my Mom used paregoric on my brother and me. Teething pain? Rub paregoric on 'em. Stomach ache? Diarrhea? Yup, Mom's cure- all. Thing is, the stuff worked well! (In case you can't tell, I am older than dirt). I can still remember the taste, kinda like licorice.
  4. by   sapphire18
    What is paragoric (sp?)?
  5. by   Stcroix
    paregoric is a solution of opium, from which narcotics are derived.
  6. by   Esme12
    Quote from sapphire18
    What is paragoric (sp?)?
    Paregoric, or camphorated tincture of opium, also known as tinctura opii camphorata, is a medication known for its antidiarrheal, antitussive, and analgesic properties. It was sold over the counters and our mothers would give it to us anytime we were sick, diarrhea, mumps, cough. It did taste like licorice. As my Mom always said we were always so good even when we were sick...LOL
    Paregoric - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. by   sapphire18
    They should bring that back on the market!! Haha
  8. by   eatmysoxRN
    They should bring back more of that stuff. I'm sure it'd top cherratussin.

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