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CNN Money published several nursing articles this morning regarding the job shortage for new grads based on information they got from allnurses members. FULL ARTICLE: For nursing jobs, new grads need not apply... Read More

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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo
    Very good overall and about time. However am sure many experienced nurses of a "certain age" would take exception to being deemed as "clogging up the system" by not leaving the profession.
    It's our friend Dr Peter Buerhaus who said that. I say "friend" because I don't think there's been an article on the nursing workforce written in years where he did not figure prominently. What a dumb thing to say.

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    Just got the link tweeted to the medico world by a pal of mine
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    Quote from ~CraftyNurse~
    This article just scratches the surface of the problem,The MAIN problem is that hospitals don't want to pay the money to train a New Grad.
    I agree, from looking at the article, most new grad nurses get jobs. I think the problem is most of the grads need a minimum requirement of time that they have worked and like what CraftyNurse said, these places dont want to pay to train.

    I think on this site however, it has become a place to vent and people are more likely to share a negative experience than a positive one. There is still hope!
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    Quote from netglow
    Just got the link tweeted to the medico world by a pal of mine
    Do you have the link to the tweet?
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    Quote from nursel56
    Brian and Annalynn Kurtz hit a home run with these articles. There are so many comments under each story! Finally this topic is getting the spotlight it's needed for the last few years! Thank you!
    If you look at the comments, there is an ongoing argument about Obama and national debt and stuff about Bush as well as gun rights. The comments aren't reflecting the article that much.
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    A family member of mine posted this article to me on my facebook this morning. Good to know I'm not the only one out there, but I feel like i am. Many of my friends from nursing school (we all graduated in may 2012 with our BSN). It took many of us a few months to find i am though, just passing my 8 months of graduation date and still no closer to a job than i was when i entered nursing school. I graduated 2nd in my class, in the national honors society of nursing, in my school's nursing honors program, did my own senior research EBP project, had that coveted externship my summer going into my senior year and countless other resume worthy accomplishments. I've had MAYBE 5 interviews since i've graduated and nearly all of them ended with "well we are looking for someone with experience" HELLOOOOO why did you offer me an interview, get my hopes up, then crush them. I am having a hard time finding a job or even just getting a call back for an interview. nearly ever single application says "minimum of 1 year of experience" so i figure "what the heck, Ill apply anyway." BUZZZ 3 seconds later i get a notification that my application was submitted BUZZZ no sooner than i'm deleting that e-mail that another comes through denying me from that position because i don't have the required experience.

    If a person and not a computer would lay eyes on my resume I feel like I would have a much better chance at landing an interview or a job. As soon as that not experience is seen then POOF away I go. My externship, outstanding academics, volunteer hours, etc is never taken into consideration. I am just about fed up with it. Before graduating all the professors ever told us every day is "you will be so desirable. take your boards ASAP. being a BSN-RN you will be hired. " we'll its january 14th and I'm still not hired. I was in no way prepared before i graduated at how hard it'd be as a new grad to get experience or a job. I am so frustrated it's not even amusing anymore.
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    Quote from hershdawg
    If you look at the comments, there is an ongoing argument about Obama and national debt and stuff about Bush as well as gun rights. The comments aren't reflecting the article that much.
    Public comment sections often have a percentage of zealots who want to further their personal agenda or incite little mini-feuds with other commenters. Overall, with upwards of 2,000 comments so far across the board, combined with CNN's broad reach -- this is a fantastic thing. I think most of us are happy this has finally made it to the "front page" after flying under the radar for at least two years.
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    I am really disturbed by this article, to the point that it brings me to tears. I am a second degree student. Or rather a third... I have a bachelors and a masters in music, and that field ultimately failed me as I never found a job. I am about to apply to nursing school and I am terrified I am going down the same path. I am still in debt from both degrees, almost 30 and this makes it seems like my life will go nowhere even though I thought I was making a good choice. I am so depressed.
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    I'm just not sure what makes nurses so special in this problem. You go to the end of the slideshow, and it's people from all sorts of professions that can't get a job. The economy sucks right now. The whole "guaranteed job" thing isn't unique to nursing either. My sister was told we had a shortage of middle school math and science teachers. She got a teaching certificate in middle school math. Great recommendations from her student teaching position. Couldn't get a job. My other sister had to move 9 hours away from her home to get a job in another field. My dad has been working a 12 hour drive away from my mom for a few YEARS because it's the only place he can get a job in his field. My husband had a good 6 months without a paycheck with more than 20 hours on it. THEN gets told he can be laid off or go to a different branch that's over an hour from our home after working there for a decade.

    It just sucks out there. For everyone. Not just nurses.
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    I recently had 2 FT + 1 per diem RN position open in homecare agency Central intake due to growth and deliberately looked for new BSN grad applications: got turned down by 3 candidates as they wanted hospital experience. I was trying to give someone a foot in the door to a health care system with four hospitals that they could have moved after a year. Jaded over wasting my time and HR resources when they had no intention of accepting the position. Has delayed hiring for last position being filled x 2 months. Please, do not apply for a position you have no intention of taking.
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