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CNA class while 6-7 months pregnant?

  1. 0 I have no idea what to expect out of my CNA class so I'm wondering if any ladies who've been through a CNA class would be able to tell me what to expect, and if you think while being 6 months going on 7 months pregnant I will be able to handle a CNA class. I talked with the instructor at my particular school in the Detroit area, via telephone and she said as long as my dr. said it was okay, then fine. But, I know the Red Cross says absolutely no. I don't want to risk hurting myself, but I would love to get my training over with. Help or advice anyone?
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    If you talked to your instructor, it should be fine. The only things that I can think of that would put you at risk, would be transfers (bed to wheelchair for example) and changing linens while patient is it bed. Since your instructor said it would be fine, she may allow you to act them out rather than actually doing the tasks. The other student that is pretending to be your patient will also be able to help, so you're not actually moving all of their weight.

    If it were me, I would not have a problem taking the class. Although if I had not previously been working as a CNA, I would not start a job as one while so far along in a pregnancy.

    Good Luck
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    Ok, Hi... I have taken a CNA class while pregnant... It was not bad at all the only thing that was a bit rough was lifting... Of course I could not lift so I felt bad each time I asked someone else to do it... But I pregnant all though school... I delivered my son after graduation.
    You can deffinately do it
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    Before you jump into the class talk with your Doc and see if you have any lifting restrictions. In class time you don't do a lot of lifting because the people your practicing on can help, but if there is a clinical portion you will be lifting people.
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    Well I worked on my old Plastics ward up until 8 months.

    No problems. My colleagues did the moving and handling and considerately let me do the lighter jobs like the drug rounds, dressings and so on.

    I'm sure allowances will be made for your advanced pregnancy.
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    I'm not sure how your school works, but I know at my school it is ok to be pregnant during the CNA class. However, the stipulation is that you can not have any restrictions. That meant that if you couldn't handle the transfers, you couldn't do the class. But, it may be different with your school. I would speak to the program director and make sure there are no restrictions like this before you pay the tuition.
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    Don't count on your instructor cutting you any slack. There was a girl in my CNA class who was quite pregnant, the first time she pulled the "my doctor doesn't want me lifting" bit the instructor told her without documentation from her doctor stating that, she would have to perform every task that the rest of the class had to. Well, no documentation was forthcoming, so she did all the skills, and did clinicals right alongside the rest of us. She did fine.

    Good luck and God bless.
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    Quote from iNurseUK
    Well I worked on my old Plastics ward up until 8 months.

    No problems. My colleagues did the moving and handling and considerately let me do the lighter jobs like the drug rounds, dressings and so on.

    I'm sure allowances will be made for your advanced pregnancy.
    Not here. In my class, we had two pregnant girls. The instructor told them straight up that the state doesn't allow any kind of allowances to be made. You do everything everyone else does, the same way.

    These two girls were fine, though. They did the work and all was well.
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    I worked as a CNA. I have seen a lot of pregnant students come to my nursing home and train! But if i was you i would talk to the actual person teaching the class to be sure it is ok in your area.
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    Don't do this class until after the baby is born. Your body is not going to be able to handle lifting people when you are not used to it. You may also expose yourself to certain disease that could pass on to the baby.
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    All CNA courses are different but in ours, we didn't do clinicals until after we were completely finished with the classroom portion. So, if yours was like that, then the baby would be born by then.
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    Not to sound like I live in lala land ... but one should be transferring and lifting with an appropriate amount of assistance pregnant or not. In clinical practice this may not always be practical, but especially during a student rotation there should be some semblance of "proper technique." Respect your body and your baby, keep an open relationship with your instructor and physician, and protect yourself. The more CNAs and nurses continue abusing their bodies for the "good" of the patient, the longer facilities can stall hiring lift teams, purchasing hoyer lifts (or keeping them maintained), or enacting policies that protect their employees.
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    Thank you ladies. I'm not too sure what I'll do because I have a few more weeks to decide, but I may just wait until after I have my daughter since it's not like I can start working as a CNA anyhow. I just wish I had taken this at the start of the year and had it over with