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  1. A co-worker of mine has the greatest shoes..she says they are Dansko and the most comfy she has ever had. OK, I'm sold.

    Hers are pink, with a pearlescent look ..I've searched eerything I can think of but can't find them.

    Do these shoes sound familiar to anyone? I guess it really doesn't matter if they are actually Dansko or not I'd really like to find some shoes with color (maybe to match my scrubs???) I am SO very tired of "white" shoes. i love my reebox DMX walkers, but if there is something BETTER <which I have gleaned from reading allnurses!> I'm all for it!


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    did u try
  5. by   futuregaspasser
    Be careful when buying colored clogs. A bunch of my coworkers and I bought clogs (KLOGS brand), I asked when I bought them about fading. I was told all of the clogs were painted, yes PAINTED! So I bought black.

    All of my coworkers clogs are now rubbed off in areas and are black/pink, black/blue, black/purple... You get the idea. Ask before you fork over the dough if theirs are painted and will fade.
  6. by   henrysmom
    Just a warning. I loved, I mean loved, my Dansko clogs. However, a few times I noticed I twisted my foot or ankle when wearing them. Then, one night running to a code, I bent my foot in a funny way and broke my foot. Employee health doc said it was the second broken foot due to a Dansko clog. When I healed and went to the nursing store to buy some new shoes, the clerk told me she had heard the same story from several people. Maybe it was because of the open back. Anyways, I am back in old fashioned white nursing shoes and while they are not fashionable, they are comfortable...Kim
  7. by   athomas91
    yeah....dansko's are the best - but you will twist your ankle in them every once in a while if not careful.....i am lucky - the dansko outlet is just across the state line - can get em for 1/2 price.....yeah!!!

    i also recommend switching shoes every other day of work...i found that if i wore one pair one day and another the next that my feet/legs never ached....had alot of luck w/ the birkenstocks too...and there are clogs called "everywheres" - look like duck feet but have soles that you can remove and wash the shell in a dishwasher to disinfect....they were very very comfortable and low to the ground which minimized ankle twisting
  8. by   Stitchie
    I love my Dansko clogs but also agree with the above. I have the closed-back kind and I've twisted my ankle,( once really bad, and one other time I fell on my butt :uhoh21.

    They are the most comfortable shoes I've come across, and my back doesn't hurt. This is important as I am rather, well, fluffy.
  9. by   jemb
    Danskos are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I recommend their closed back clogs, though-- less likely to twist an ankle.

    My back actually quit hurting after I started wearing those shoes regularly.

    And they are not painted. The colors seem to hold up well, and the shoes last forever.
  10. by   Kiwi
    those clogs are hEAVY!
  11. by   IamRN
    I have started my return to nursing after being away for four years. Previously I had worn Birkenstock clogs, but couldn't since find them (in my house), so I thought I would invest in Dansko's because I heard wonderful things about them; especially less to no lower back pain.

    Unfortunately I am quite disappointed. I am now shopping for a new pair of Birkenstocks.
  12. by   RNKPCE
    I bought my first pair of Dansko's about a month ago. I love them. It took 3 shifts to get used to them, but never had blister or had to go back to my old shoes. I bought the professional closed back. Some of the other girls I work with bought the Bromley style of Dansko, they says the heal is a little lower and the rubber sole gives more traction. I bought mine at the Dansko outlet on line got them for $74 and they had a minor flaw. Since then I found out another place called footprints online carries some between $59-69 with minor flaws.
  13. by   joyflnoyz
    I had checked the dansko website; I went back again.
    What she has is the "Ingrid" model, and it looks like it's been discontinued.
    I've had the "Super Birkie" clog, were'nt all that comfy for me, so I continue to look.

    Thaks for all the comments!
  14. by   Larlar81
    I had Klogs brand shoes with the open back and after the first night I never wore them again. I found that they stretched out and sometimes I'd be walking fast and walk right out of them. Wasn't until after I got off my 12 hour shift that I realized I was curling my toes to keep them on when I was busy...OH my feet were sore that nite.
    Since then I've changed to Land's End All weather mocs with the closed back. They are great! And not too bad looking either.