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So this is kind of a vent, but I'm sure there are people out there who have had similar situations occur. My first nursing job I was fired from for making a med error(too little vanco) I own the mistake, it was my mistake to... Read More

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    Quote from calliou
    You do have to move on. I too, was fired just 5 months ago. Serious personality conflict with the supervisor and I. She won. But thats over now. I also felt that for the longest time, I couldn't get a job because she was black balling me to other facilities (I still believe she was), however, I recently landed an even better job than I had before, and you will too. Jobs are out there, just look. Don't worry so much about what people think or what people do. You are a nurse, and nurses are needed. Your skills are definitely needed somewhere, and that somewhere will show up soon. PRN is just that... PRN. Enjoy your time off.
    Did you put that job on your resume and applications? I quit my first nursing job after only two months (long story) and my manager was really upset with me. So I'm so scared to put that job on resumes and applications
    But background checks are done. I don't know what to do. Any advice. My biggest concern Is that an employer will take 1 look at my resume and not even consider me for an interview because they will think I would just quit on them too.

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