Can someone please describe c diff poop?

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    ie the smell and the texture?

    Thank you!

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    Remember that you asked for the description..................usually brown or normal color, diarrhea with some solid shreds, strong odor, different than just regular poop smell, or pseudomonas smell. Only verification can come from the lab that it exists, diagnosis cannot be made on looks or odor alone.
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    Once you smell it Won't forget it tho LOL!!!
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    Loose, has "barnyard" smell. Common after antibiotic therapy. Often causes nosocomial diarrhea.
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    you have to spray deodorizer in the hallway it is so foul...

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    I suddenly have to use the bathroom... :imbar :chuckle
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    usually loose, mucousy (think gelatin), unforgettable foul odour, sometimes bloody streaks.

    when you're sending a spec off for c-diff toxin, you have to send liquid/mucous-y stool.
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    It's diarrhea, often mucus-like, almost like feces in aspic, in texture that has the smell of sour, diseased tissue (like you get when someone has a nasty decubitus). It can be green or brown. Patients with C-Diff usually have this diarrhea running out of them many times a day. Sometimes it's connected with stomach cramps.
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    hi guys,

    i think i became sick after being in the same home with a baby suffering with this. every time the child pooped, we had to open the windows and doors the air was so toxic! the next evening, i felt very tired and retired early. (new years day evening) that night i began with diarrhea (no abdominal pain) progressing to violent emesis lasting most of the night. i was weak as a kitten for days after and very dehydrated. do you think there was a connection?
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    Probably was related, although I don't think that was Cdiff in your case.

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