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  1. wannabeL&D73

    info on low progesterone and miscarrage

    http://www.contemporaryobgyn.net/obgyn/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=184601 Thought this might be of interest to you.
  2. wannabeL&D73

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Food for thought: http://www.snopes.com/racial/language/names.htm
  3. wannabeL&D73

    Dangerous lessons learned in your first year of nursing

    Thank you SBE and 4birds! Yes, I absolutely hate the term Braxton Hicks. I can't tell you how many people i know lost their babies b/c they thought, and were told, by everyone around them including drs. and nurses, that they were Braxton Hicks. I even read an article by an OB addressing this once but could never find the link again. Shannon
  4. wannabeL&D73

    Transverse presentation - not vertex!

    Fergus that is brilliant!
  5. wannabeL&D73

    Sterile gloves for sterile spec???

    You know what, I would be really pissed if I were pg. and some dr. introduced infection. I think that is irresponsible. Shannon
  6. wannabeL&D73

    Pitocin to control bleeding of laceration

    Thanks for sharing your story. Scary stuff... I knew there was a reason I kept asking them to cut the cerclage before my cervix tore... Shannon
  7. wannabeL&D73

    Pitocin to control bleeding of laceration

    I wanna hear the story!
  8. wannabeL&D73

    ? about pregnancy test

    Why doesn't she just buy a pregnancy test herself? If she is two weeks late it would be accurate. Shannon
  9. wannabeL&D73

    Would YOU ever have a homebirth?

    Absolutely, if I could. I went from being convinced during my first pg. that an epidural was the only way to go, failing to educate myself on alternatives, and almost ending up with a c-section because I couldn't feel to push effectively. I am still so incredibly thankful to the OB who delivered my dd that he was patient for 3 1/2 hrs...because the vaginal delivery was the only "normal" thing for either one of my pregnancies, and I absolutely cherish the experience. I then actually did some research, became very educated on the options, and was determined to go unmedicated with the 2nd. (A homebirth was not an option b/c I had a cerclage). Circumstances prevented it and I ended up with a c-section--totally the right decision by the OB. But if I did have a choice in the future, I would choose a freestanding birth center with a midwife right next door to a hospital with a level III NICU! Shannon PS the book Babycatcher is awesome, for anyone interested!
  10. wannabeL&D73

    An update about the doc with the fundal pressure

    Good job! You did the right thing! Shannon
  11. wannabeL&D73

    Saw a Spina Bifida baby born today

    Rae, I hope I didn't upset you. You are clearly a compassionate and caring nurse and that shows. I am sure that everyone understood what you meant and that it was a learning experience--I certainly didn't perceive you as being insensitive. I just saw it as an opportunity to put in my two-cents about people first language, because I know so many medical people are unaware of how deeply important it is to the individuals and families affected by disability. And thanks to everyone else for sharing your personal experiences, it is clear that some people in our society perhaps should reevaluate how they measure quality of life. Shannon
  12. wannabeL&D73

    Saw a Spina Bifida baby born today

    I realize this may seem like semantics, or just being PC...and maybe you are aware of this and just were in a hurry typing, which of course is totally understandable. But it is very important to those in the disability community to use people-first language, and I strongly believe that the medical community especially should make the effort to respect their wishes...so instead of saying a spina bifida baby, or a down syndrome baby (or even worse a Downs baby) please try to be conscious of saying a baby with spina bifida or a baby with Down syndrome. Not trying to be nitpicky, but it is really important to those affected. Thanks for reading! http://www.state.sd.us/dhs/ddc/kathysnow.htm Shannon
  13. wannabeL&D73

    Undiagnosed placenta previa?

    OK, this is the latest thing she told me...because I said, "Are you *sure* it wasn't an abruption?" and she said the doc told her that yes it was an abruption caused by previa...does this make sense?
  14. wannabeL&D73

    Undiagnosed placenta previa?

    Yes, she is over 35 and refused pre-natal testing so they did a level II.
  15. wannabeL&D73

    Undiagnosed placenta previa?

    Talked to my friend today. She had a level II u/s at 20 weeks. I just don't get how they missed it. I am so thankful that the outcome was good. Shannon
  16. wannabeL&D73

    Undiagnosed placenta previa?

    Exactly, SBE, that is what I was thinking originally. So, then whoever did the 20 week u/s missed it, right? And isn't that a pretty big thing to miss? Is there a reasonable explanation as to why it wouldn't have been seen then?