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I'm a BSN RN in Illinois at a 5 physician family practice. The doctor in charge of the practice just named an MA as the "Nurse Manager"? Is this legal? Recourse?... Read More

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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    The BSN has nothing to do with anything. You can have a BSN and flunk the boards. But the MA is not a nurse anything. She can be a manager of nurses, but not a nurse manager. Her management cannot comprise any clinical practice matters.
    As usual, Squatch has it exactly right.
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    Hi All. Thank you for your thoughtful responses.

    I have clarified with the practice that the MA will be in charge from a scheduling/administrative standpoint and not clinical supervision. She is very capable as a supervisor and at those kinds of administrative responsibilities. I have never observed her stepping out of her clinical scope of practice in any way. I am totally fine reporting to her in this capacity.
    At this point Iím pleased to be where I am! The practice is in good hands with her in this role and me in mine!

    Wishing you a great 2012!
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    Good I'm glad it all worked out!
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    I found it totally impractical to make a Physical Therapist with a MBA as the director of orthopedics. All other directors in the facility are RNs. He may have a MBA and know business, but he knows nothing about nursing. Unlike the PT's nurses have mutiple roles and are expected to multi-task several issues at once. We do not have 15 minutes to transfer a patient or wait for a patient to move from point A to point B when the patient in the next room may be taking their last breath. I feel if you are going to be over nurses you should know what they go through daily thus you need to be an experienced nurse.