Can I become a CNA at age 16?

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    I'm 16 and I live in Texas. I would REALLY love to become a CNA. I know other people from my highschool that have become CNAs through HOSA, but I cannot be in HOSA. So, I am not sure if i could go through training at a nursing home, or of the only way to get training at 16 is through HOSA. I would love to do this durning the summer while i have time.

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    Is HOSA like ROP? Yes, you can be a CNA but the question is would any place hire you at that age? CNAs have to pretty much work an 8-hour shift, and most places have evening shifts that end at 11, which causes problems for minors in school. You could work on the weekends, though, if a place would be willing to hire you.
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    HOSA is a 'student organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in health care'. I know a couple students in highschool who work at a local nursing home. They do work 8hour shifts. either 2-10pm. or 10pm-6am.
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    Maybe it depends on your state. In MI some schools have programs like this that prepare you to take your exam after you turn 18 and recieve either a high school diploma or GED.
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    I would certainly recommend working in an activities department at any long term care facility (nursing home). You will have a lot more fun doing crafts, playing games with elderly people and will be around many CNA's to decide if that job is right for you. Good luck and have fun!
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    I had 16 yr old CNA's in WI. We had PM short shifts from 5-9P. This worked out well for the high school students. Some of my best CNA's were the young ones.
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    Also check out community colleges for CNA training, you'll have to pay for it out of pocket, but if it's what you want it's an option.

    I know quite a few people who became CNAs at young ages. A lot of nursing homes have the 4-9 short shifts since it's such a busy time in LTC.
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    My 16 year old just began her CNA training last week. She will work either 1st or 2nd shift this summer.

    Once school begins next fall she will work 1st shift on the Sundays only (due to soccer) and after soccer ends she will work after school 4-10 a couple nights a week and 1st shift weekends, as long as her grades are up.

    Our hosp and hosp owned nursing home are great with the teenagers and really accommodate their school/sports sched.

    If your unsure on where to take your training call the hospitals HR office and ask.
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    I am in Texas and work in a hospital. We do not hire anyone younger than 18 due to HIPAA. You have to be over 18 to sign a "contract" and that is what the compliance contract is all about.
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    what are the requirements for cna? Im from texas also, how much is the tuition fee? im thinking of working as a cna while or during nursing school. it sounds a bit tough, but i think its one way to get use to the environment. any advice?

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