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My husband and I work together as RNs on the same unit (ICU) and we work the same schedule. No problems on that front so far between us, staff, or management. Neither of us has called in sick since signing on 18 months ago. ... Read More

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    Quote from Altra
    Completely inappropriate. I've never worked anywhere where that would happen ... but if I were to get such a call, MY next calls would be to human resources and to my manager's boss.
    not if you want to keep your job

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    What a nerve! Thats why you have caller ID
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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    not if you want to keep your job
    Kooky Korky, I know you are a nurse with many years' experience, and it saddens me that you continue to work in environments driven by a culture of fear.
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    First off, I agree with everyone that this was inappropriate behavior.

    But just as a devils advocate...we as employees need to make sure that we don't complain and b*tch when fellow employees call in sick. I had a management position once where I was in charge of staffing. An employee would call in and the other staff would be angry at ME for that. What was I supposed to do? Drive by their house and drag them in? I was just horribly frustrated when people would complain out the wazoo about being short-staffed when someone else called in, but heaven forbid you didn't honor their own sick day.

    Not saying any of you do this. Just check yourself next time you work short and don't complain about the sick person or the manager having to deal with them.
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    Um this is like the manager calling to discuss another coworker's sick day (HR issues) with you. That is exactly what the NM did. I see that you've already declined this advice, but I seriously would discuss this with the NM that this is completely inappropriate. I would be INCENSED if my manager talked to my husband about my illness, even if we did work together. As a coworker your husband's illness should be none of your concern! Totally DISGUSTED that someone's call off would be treated this way.
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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    not if you want to keep your job
    It's true; we are employed at-will. No union
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    Not to derail, but I simply cannot fathom not having a home telephone. I guess if you really cannot afford it, try this: get the $10 track phone and use that for the home phone. Only provide that number to your work place, and then don't answer it, lol. Let them leave a message and return the call at your convenience. I truly do not believe text messages are acceptable for professional communications. Disclaimer: I don't send text messages to anyone anyway, and I suppose that is another thread.

    I do think when we habitually choose this sort of informal and unprofessional communication behavior as the norm, we invite more unprofessional conduct on their part. I suggest you raise the bar, and then hold them to higher standards as well. None of this text messaging nonsense. Real, professional, adult communique required. If they want something from you, they have to ask you, personally, and politely. If they should be unable to reach you to speak with you directly and make their request in a manner that facilitates clear dialogue, offering an opportunity for questions and answers as well as compromise, then they should make other arrangements.

    If you opt to accept the status quo because it is easier than addressing the problem and taking steps to remedy the issues at hand, I will refrain from commenting "told ya so" on your next thread on the same or similar subject.
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    I wouldn't have come in. Vomiting and diarrhea? Pfft...I'd be annoyed that a co-worker would come like that! Not something I want to catch. The NM will always do that to the folks she thinks she will allow her to get away with it. I wouldn't have answered my phone. He called in. The deed is done. Find a supplemental. Or she needs to take pt's.

    Since he caved in once, expect her to do it to BOTH of y'all next time either one of you calls in sick.

    I ONLY have a cell, the NM and the hospital have the #. Why pay for 2 phones? Land lines are things of the past. My parents didn't get one until my dad got a PPM a while back.
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    I can't believe someone hasn't physically attacked one of these managers yet! Heaven knows, they are asking for it! back in the day, someone would have given then a good hard slap in the face.
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    You want me to send Kcmylorn up there? Sounds like a nurse that can get reform going in your facility

    Kcmylorn can use the "Chuck Norris" style discussion to bring them to reason, best idea so far!
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