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My husband and I work together as RNs on the same unit (ICU) and we work the same schedule. No problems on that front so far between us, staff, or management. Neither of us has called in sick since... Read More

  1. by   mappers
    Quote from brillohead
    I have a child who stays at home by himself, and I do NOT think children need a cell phone, so we have a land-line. Much cheaper to have a home phone, and it also provides a phone number where his friends and classmates can call him without tying up my cell phone. It also ensures that we always have a phone around for emergencies -- hard to call 911 for a drowning incident if the only phone was a cell phone that went into the pool during the drowning incident, for example.

    If I were a single person, or if I had no kids, I wouldn't bother with having a home phone. But when kids are involved, things are different.

    And again -- some people have different priorities. For most people, deaths and emergencies are "need to know NOW" situations. I care about my family and friends, and I want to be available to them, so I don't turn my phone off. I don't want to wait five hours to find out that someone needed my support in the middle of the night.

    A solution to the work problem, however, could be to send all calls from work directly to voicemail (provided that there is one specific work number -- hard to set that up if every extension at the hospital has a different caller-ID number). Or just don't answer if you see that it's work calling in.
    I have kids as well and I agree. They are teenagers now and do have cell phones, but they are often in their rooms or purses (like mine) and not on their persons. When I'm calling them from work, etc, to check on the homework, ask them to get dinners started, etc, I like them to answer and they answer the home phone.

    When they were younger, they had friends who only had cells. I'd call for the kids to come home for dinner and mom wouldn't be at home. So I'd have to walk down the street to get the kids. Not horrible, except when you have dinner on the stove.

    I have another friend who has two teenagers. One has a cell. One only has a phone that works when you are within wifi and it only texts. This daughter (age 12) gets left home alone at times and will only have her texting device for contact. That makes me uncomfortable.

    Cell phones have a lot of problems. They miss calls, loose charges, get lost. We have an old fashioned rotary phone in our basement left over from the dinosaurs When our power went out for over a week (twice) several years ago, guess which phone kept working no matter what?

    Another friend only has a cell and works at one of the large stadiums in town. During concerts and ball games, she is unreachable because there are soooo many people their using their cell phones, the signals get jammed. She was complaining the other day about how many calls she has been missing and voicemails that don't show up on her phone until the next day. My husband called her the other day regarding carpools and she didn't get the message until the next day. If she had a landline, she'd have gotten the message when she got home. I've noticed too that when I'm in a large crowd, my cell service stinks.
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    only have a cell and work has its very own ringtone...I decide whether i answer it or not!!
  3. by   needshaldol
    Please explain, what is "being tripled"? Can it be doing a triple shift? I never heard of such a thing. This, if so, is not allowed in California. I hope you learned from not answer a call from work. Let it go to voice mail and then decide whether to return the call.
  4. by   Paul'in'FL
    Quote from Altra
    Completely inappropriate. I've never worked anywhere where that would happen ... but if I were to get such a call, MY next calls would be to human resources and to my manager's boss.
    After I printed out a screen shot of those messages to send to HR. Any mgr doing that to me or my partner would soon be short a nurse. This, after a year and a half of PERFECT ATTENDENCE?? That is just craz-zeee.
  5. by   Marshall1
    For the NM to call was definitely inappropriate in this situation. You are not your husbands keeper and he did call to let the NM know he was sick and wouldn't be coming in. If he has just not shown up and they were unable to reach him then I can see them reaching out to the emergency contact since they don't know if something may have happened to the employee on the way to work.

    Secondly, unless you both need to have your phones on at night (kids, aging parents) turn them off.

    I also agree w/a few of the other posters, I would go to HR and/or the NM boss about this..basically the NM was able to get what he/she wanted by being a pest and unprofessional.

    Lastly, your husband was legitimately sick so how the NM staffs is not your husbands concern or responsibility - it's the NM. All too often the NM's don't seem to want to manage other than routine, easy going times. Next time your husband needs to not call back, stay home and leave the responsibility of staffing to the NM - where it belongs.
  6. by   Marshall1
    needshaldol: I think OP means taking 3 ICU patients. Not working 3 shifts.
  7. by   BlackMurse1
    That was grossly inappropriate, its the NM job to get coverage, there a plenty of options from floating other nurses, to calling others off shift for OT. The fact that your husband went in was also a poor choice, a law suit for negligence could be made if he knowingly went into work and got a patient sick.
    You need to go up the chain of command for that one.
  8. by   needshaldol
    Thanks. I can't imagine three ICU patients for one nurse. Two, yes but three? The work of a nurse is awful these days. I am in CA where we have ratios but to get back at us, they changed the ratios for the aides! So patients get such poor care. We now have a new computer program and seriously patients get ALL their care from aide and I just pop in for important stuff. My patient is the computer.
  9. by   anankhsunamun
    Vent away! The behavior was totally inappropriate....especially to call an employee on behalf of another employee. That is a blatant HR violation. I have been a supervisor and understand not wanting to come in and take the shift on top of the things that you are being asked to do by senior leadership, but in this case that supervisor should have came in and taken the assignment and worked in the trenches with the rest of the staff. Sick is sick....and I also have been harassed for being ill and calling out.... while sitting in my own ER waiting to be seen as a patient. The facilities need to acknowledge that we as nurses work in a cesspool of germs and diseases and that WE will contract one of these illnesses from time to time (or take them home to our families, whom it is our responsibility to take care of first and foremost). Notice I said that they need to acknowledge.....they already know this, but don't seem to care very much. That is, however, a nursing world that we all perpetuate by allowing the behavior to continue, and by not standing up together and saying no....and enough.
  10. by   wooh
    Well when nurses reward that kind of behavior by giving in to it, what can we expect?
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    Quote from SweettartRN
    I can't fathom having a home telephone. Ever. What a waste of money. If someone needs me, I have a cell phone. There is no reason this day and age for anyone to have a home telephone. But that's just my $0.02.
    There are plenty of reasons! I keep my cell phone in my pocket and it ONLY rings/buzzes/beeps when it's a call I simply must stop and take. In other words, something of an emergent nature from my children's schools, or close family. Otherwise, my home phone fields calls from my volunteer activities, religious community, relatives who want to chat, personal bank/finance stuff, etc etc etc.

    I don't get interrupted a half dozen times a day for non-emergent calls, THEY can wait.

    My question is, to the OP why the hell do you keep your cell phone turned on all night long? My phone is shut off between 9PM and 6 AM, and if someone has died or there is an emergency, it can wait until the morning.
    Holy mackerel, THIS is when you turn your phone off? "If someone has died or there is an emergency" is exactly the OPPOSITE of "it can wait until the morning" in my world. And precisely the reason my CELL is turned off/recharging but my HOME phone is ready to ring if there is a tragedy.
  12. by   RxOnly
    I think what's even MORE inappropriate is the NM using YOU as a means of communication with another employee. NM is taking advantage of your situation!
  13. by   nurseprnRN
    Tell 'em you're not speaking to each other. Bet they don't offer you counseling from the EAP