Body cold on one side but hot on the other.....

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    I was reading an article about Michael Jackson (my fav. entertainer). They were saying that he sometimes complained that his body was hot on one side and cold on the other. Has anyone ever heard of this before? This sounds so weird to me.

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    A: use a blanket or B: turn over but i guess when you sleep in a high oxygen environment blankets become flammable!
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    Psychiatric problems might have contributed to this.
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    I also heard that Michael did complain about being cold on side of the body and hot on the other. I believe that since he was on some many meds that they affected his central nevous system causing him to feel hot and cold...just guessing
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    Some patients diagnosed with Brown-Sequard syndrome don't feel the same temperature sensations on the right and left sides of the body. However, Brown-Sequard syndrome is associated with trauma to the spinal cord, so I don't think it is relevant to Michael Jackson, just wanted to point out the symptom exists in some medical conditions.
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    with all the skin bleaching he did, who knows what sensations his skin felt anymore......
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    It was probably an excuse to use Diprivan to help him sleep.....
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    I thought Brown-Sequard, as well...maybe a CNS lesion causing those type of symptoms along the A and C fibers?
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    Quote from CABG patch kid
    It was probably an excuse to use Diprivan to help him sleep.....

    Yes, I don't get it. All he had to do was go to a sleep clinic and they would have been able to diagnose his problem and treat it. He would still be with us today. The man was taking stimulants during his waking hours to reduce his appetite and get him thru the day, then complains after all of that that he can't sleep! Sounds to me with his jet setting lifestyle that not only may he have had psychiatric problems but his circadian rhythm was way off. I wonder if melatonin would've help him sleep. My mother says it works wonders for her in getting to sleep because she works nights.
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    I am also a fan of MJ. I wondered what he meant by describing those symptoms, also. It didn't seem to be a side effect of Diprivan (but I did read that apnea is one). I see that it can cause chills, fever and body aches...maybe he was trying to describe that?

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