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    Hello, decided to invest in myself this year (the money seems to go to everyone else in family!) and do something positive.

    I am going to replace old drug reference book. Went to bookstore, there was quite a few to choose from. PDR, Saunders, ect...

    What is your favorite book? Also what is your favorite IV drug reference book?


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    I bought a Nursing 2005 drug book this year. I usually replace about every 2 years. I dont know that one is any better than another, it just depends on what you want yours to do for you. One may have better dosing and another have better nursing consideration etc.
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    I'm embarrassed to admit, I haven't bought a new drug book since I graduated :imbar (thank goodness my hospital buys new ones each year). My favorite, though, is the Davis Drug Guide for lists all drugs by name in alphabetical order, rather than by purpose, which is why the other drug guides tend to confuse me. I mean, if I knew what a drug was for, I wouldn't have to look it up, unless of course I had a question about interactions or dosages. The Nursing series is good too, even though it does have that little quirk of listing drugs by category; the information is clear and concise, and it's very readable.

    The one I do NOT like is the PDR---the print is so tiny that I have trouble reading it even with glasses, and there's a lot of doctor gobbledegook; it's unnecessarily complicated and heavy to boot.

    Just my two pennies' worth.
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    We were required to get Lippincotts
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    I have Mosby's Nursing drug cards (which i love because i can find everything and if not there is a website that has all the updated drugs or info that u cant find) and Davis's drug Guide for Nurses, as well as Blanchard and Loeb's Nurse's Drug Handbook........I think i use the davis the most although all three resources are very good.
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    Davis' Drug Guide is , in my opinion, the absolute best. It comes with a cd that you can print out drug cards, and is so easy to make careplans concerning medications.
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    thank you, just the detail stuff I was hoping to hear.
    Having something I can see well is an important consideration. Eyes aren't what they used to be.
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    My fav is Mosby's Drug Guide. The way it's laid out just makes sense to me and they include herbals. And has a pretty good IV compatibilty chart inside. Check it out.
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    i have nurses drug guide 2003, but it comes out every also has a section w/ pictures of the drugs. also, make sure to check the index in the back before you buy. my index is arranged alphabeticly by generic and trade is also listed and directs you toward the generic. some books are arranged by drug type and i found this difficult to use. i mean, if you knew this why would you need to look it up.:uhoh21:
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    Davis Drug Guide. And the hospital pharmacist! He is great about answering questions. Would make a wondeful teacher.

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