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So I am an RN student and the hospital I am doing clinicals at has now started to do bedside report. May of the RN staff complain about this change. Is it best to do bedside rounding or not? Have any of you other nurses had to... Read More

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    Quote from Meriwhen
    I thank God every day that bedside reporting will never come to my setting. Not just because of the potential running amok of HIPAA, but because bedside reporting just wouldn't work in psych settings. Imagine how it talking about a patient's delusions in front of said delusional patient, giving report in front of a paranoid patient, talking about the drug-seeking behaviors of the ETOH admission, or discussing a borderline personality diagnosis in a patient who is in denial about it or worse--hasn't even been told about the diagnosis yet.
    Some stuff is just NOT appropriate to be said at the bedside. Like, x patient has been hallucinating all night; other patient overdosed and we don't know on what, it's a guess, his pain is uncontrolled and the doctors won't do anything. Patient z is actively dying, family at bedside and wishes pt to remain a full code. I understand the benefit of bedside reporting [for safety reasons - what offcoming nurse is telling me is consistent with what I am seeing], but this 100% everything all the time bedside report is not wise, it's just a blanket rule for their hopes of raising patient satisfaction.

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    The facility I work at also has bedside reporting. And hourly rounding. The bedside report gets the first round out of the way and gives us time to get other stuff together. Half the time, we do report right outside the patients room (each room has a cubby like area right outside the door) and then pop our heads in and say "Hi, I'm CG, your nurse for the night, blah blah blah". Report sometimes takes 30minutes. It's crazy so getting the round in at the same time helps.

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