Bad Job Market? Be a NURSE! (Insert eye roll here)

  1. I am a brand new nurse (having just passed the NCLEX June 10th) and am still looking for my first job. The job market here isn't completely saturated, I'm just really trying to get in to a hospital rather than a LTCF. What gets me though, is the perpetuation of the nursing shortage myth, which is NOT true anymore.

    THIS ARTICLE has the nerve to point out that "nursing positions are plentiful" and encourages people not to go in to a different field, but instead to go in to nursing. Obviously I think people still need to go in to nursing because if people stop, there WILL be another shortage. That doesn't mean that this idea should be continued or that people who don't WANT to be nurses should be getting in to this field just to have a job.

    I went back to school at 29 knowing that I wanted to be a nurse and that there was nothing else that was going to make me happy as a career. Yes, I don't have a job yet but I know it will come and that I'm doing the right thing. If this wasn't something I had a calling for, I can't imagine going in to nursing given all of the things nurses deal with on a daily basis. I know this is talked about all the time but this article really got under my skin. Be a nurse for the right reasons, not because anthropology has a bad job outlook.
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  3. by   mmcc26
    You took the words right out of my mouth. It kind of drives me nuts how many people are apparently going through nursing school because they think there's this plethora of jobs out there. I've read a lot on here about how you don't need to like nursing to he a nurse but for those of us who do have that "calling" and this is truly the only job we can imagine spending our lives doing, its upsetting to have to compete for a job against people who could just as easily see themselves doing something else. I come from an area where majority of our nurses are Filipino, my mechanic ships Vietnamese nurses into the country. I'm sure that there are plenty of people in those circumstances who love nursing, but for the ones who don't, I really wish they weren't taking up space in the field. Regardless of what anyone says, a person who truly wants to be a nurse will care for their patients better. I've had relatives in hospitals who were treated like nursing school mannequins by nurses. I'm willing to bet they got into the field for "job security".

    Sorry for my rant. Best of luck to you with finding a job and congrats on passing!!
  4. by   RjSmithTec
    From what I've heard, there's a plethora of positions available once you get your foot in the door. I.e. get some experience somewhere as a fresh RN and the doors will open in other places. I could be wrong, but that makes sense.
  5. by   Anna Flaxis
    Quote from RjSmithTec
    From what I've heard, there's a plethora of positions available once you get your foot in the door.
    You've been misinformed.
  6. by   BloomNurseRN
    Quote from mmcc26
    Sorry for my rant. Best of luck to you with finding a job and congrats on passing!!
    Thank you!! :-)

    And I didn't think it was a rant at all. It's not as easy as it used to be and I think the truth is a whole lot more kind for people considering getting in to this profession, than misinformation.
  7. by   Esme12
    Quote from RjSmithTec
    From what I've heard, there's a plethora of positions available once you get your foot in the door. I.e. get some experience somewhere as a fresh RN and the doors will open in other places. I could be wrong, but that makes sense.
    You are worng.....There isn't......the jobs dried up with 200 applicants per positon...some areas of the country have as high as a 47% unemployment rate especially for new grads....but a just as large underemployment rate. Nursing was NOT sheltered from the bad economy.

    The doors are just not open any more.
  8. by   NurseyPoo7
    Where I work, (acute care hospital) there is a hiring freeze. I know a lot of other hospitals in the area have limited positions open as well. Another hospital has laid off some people.
  9. by   mmcc26
    I guess maybe we should all find comfort in the fact that I think the burn out rate will be extremely high. All these people who go into nursing for money or job stability will absolutely hate their choice with the 12 hour shifts, or the dirty aspects of the job. So maybe jobs will finally open up again because I really do believe that there are people out there who truly think its just going to be handing out pills all day and night.

    There's also the fact of the economy, baby boomers not being able to retire due to financial issues. It's scary though.
  10. by   OCNRN63
    It's extremely difficult for new grads where I live. Even nurses with experience are getting shut out. The one hospital will no longer hire ADNs/diploma grads...period.
  11. by   MedChica
    I think its fine to consider income and stability where jobs r concerned but some ppl just aren't built to do ceratin types of work. no aptitude for it. unsuitable.

    in my class we had students with prior hlthcare experience: lab, cna/pct, emt, unit Secretary, military medics etc... I was xray/ct and a 'whiskey' in the army natl guard (combat medic)

    we were in nursing school. we wanted to make a living but we also desired to b nurses for the joy of being nurses. i took a paycut to b a nurse. most of us did. I've long admired nurses in the er and I'd always thought to myself, 'but I could never do that!' but I'm a nurse now. working as a nurse has me reminiscing about my time in the hospital and its cooled my jets on working in one. ive been away from the environment so long? i forgot how much i dislike hospital culture. lol. but who knows? someday I might find myself in the er bustling around.

    but some ppl in my class? like this one girl asking if she had to like ppl to be a nurse...its like, 'how'd u make it through the screening?' doesn't like ppl. didnt wanna clean her ppl.

    that's like hating math and wanting to b an actuary. I'm not saying that nursing is only for ppl who think there called go nurse. im saying...certain attitudes arent suitable for certain lines of work. I'm saying that some ppl are just chasing dollars and status and it cant b all about that. they don't belong in healthcare or any of the helping professions. imagine a teacher that didn't like to teach or a social worker who can't stand children?
    same difference.

    but fine. if these ppl had any sense they'd go to xray school. you dont need ppl skills to do radiology. go chase dollars over there. its less work. less pt interaction and u earn well. (however it wouldn't take much for radiology to b overly saturated. unlike nursing, theres no regulated shortage and it doesn't take 20 techs to run a floor. try 2) the local community college in my area had to cancel mri classes. not enough demand. but...if ppl knew how much mri techs earned? thered b 10001 prospects on the radiology equiv of allnurses with this 'hi..I've a degree in Deep Sea Basketweaving and I can't get a job. maybe its because my major is easy and useless? maybe its because i graduated with a 2.6...i dunno. but I've always wanted to shoot MRIs. i like ppl...i think." mess.

    (I'm on my cell, for the grammar nazis in the house. if you're not a mod? feel free to get your panties bunched over something that's worth the energy - like the economy or healthcare.)
  12. by   nursel56
    There are powerful people who stand to lose something of value to them by telling the truth about the nursing job market so they began using a set of talking points a few years ago that like other myths, have been told and repeated so often that many people don't realize there is nothing but conjecture and maybe wishful thinking behind them. They have absolutely no qualms about misleading people and creating a yet larger pool of disillusioned and financially-strapped new nurses to keep their own nests nicely feathered.

    It won't be too long before the latest set becomes obviously at odds with reality but they will do as they have in the past, -- use their bully pulpit to come up with some new "reasons". Since they have the floor and the microphone they don't risk much by ignoring all the people hurt by their deception.
  13. by   SwansonRN
    I am just going off hearsay and observations, but I think it is, at least, a lot easier for new graduate nurses to actually get a job in their field than it is for other majors. Ask a history major which museum they have a paying position at 6 months after graduation and they'll tell you they're working at Starbucks. It sucks out there. Not saying it's easy, but we may have it easier than many.
  14. by   ThePrincessBride
    The people I know who did not have a problem finding jobs had:

    1. A BSN
    2. CNA experience at the hospital they applied at.