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It's a stormy night and you are quietly looking over orders in the ED, minding your own business, and suddenly from bay 4 you hear a little girl sing-song: It's raining, It's pouring, The old man is snoring-- He bumped his... Read More

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    Me too! I often look at strangers and think "Wow - great veins!"
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    I can spot a dialysis acess a mile off on a pt. I never noticed them before I became a dialysis nurse.
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    Quote from rnsrgr8t
    Years ago, when I worked in the NICU, the hospital where I worked had a Mcdonalds in the lobby. When I worked nights, we often would go down there for dinner in the middle of the night (yeah I know, SO bad for me). The alarm on the automatic fryers for the French Fries (it would go off when the fries were ready) sounded just like our alarms for our monitors. Cannot tell you how many times my coworkers and I would be standing, waiting for our food, hear those fry alarms and jump thinking one of our babies was in trouble!
    I would've paid good $ to McDonalds to get them to change that sound. Bad enough you hear them in your sleep!
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    I find myself doing all of the above. I hadn't seen my brother, a distance runner, in a long time. I saw him shortly after one his races, veins bulging. I reached out to his arm and hand and said, "you have great vascular access if you were to ever need an IV". Needless to say, it creeped him out. I also now notice men with hairless legs and think PAD! PAD! and find myself pitying them wondering if it's progressed to the point of impotence. And, I know this will make some people mad, but everytime I see an extremely obese person I think of what a burden it would be to turn then in bed if they got ill. changes the way you view humanity...
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    Quote from Mandychelle79
    I often have thought someone was responding to internal stimuli when they are using blue tooth.
    Had a patient that would always be wheeling herself around the halls of the nursing home and carrying on a conversation, i thought she had a bluetooth (she was probably 45). Full conversations, talking clear as day, and continuing talking as someones replied to her.

    Nope, no cell phone/blue tooth.
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    Quote from SamHill
    Ankles and calves at walmart....chf...pvd...
    Yes. Also at the casino.
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    I feel like a perv because when I see guys with big veins in the summer I'm like, oooh yeah, I could get a 16 right in there.
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    Quote from WeepingAngel
    I feel like a perv because when I see guys with big veins in the summer I'm like, oooh yeah, I could get a 16 right in there.
    .....why does my brain immediately supply thoughts of you following these gents through a parking lot in something like this:

    All while crooning out the window that you won't hurt them. You just want to start an IV. Honest.

    Dear heaven. I'm so sorry. What is sleep?
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    Quote from wooh
    I often look at kids and think, "Ohhhhh, he's got a syndrome." I swear half the kids in this town have low-set ears...
    They probably have FLP syndrome! (Funny Looking Parents!)
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    Quote from poppycat
    They probably have FLP syndrome! (Funny Looking Parents!)
    We have a frequent flyer kid with a speech delay. But we actually now think he just talks like his dad.
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