are you happy in the state your in?

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    Hi everyone, I'm just a first semester student so I know I have a long way to go, but my husband keeps talkling about leaving California when I am finished with school and I'm wondering where is the best state to begin my career? I'm a bit apprehensive of the thought of moving, and he knows if we did it wouldn't be before I had a job offer in hand. So I'm mostly more curious now than anything. Thanks

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    No idea what the best would be for your career but i think california js the only state with nurse to pt ratios. things vary between hospitals even in the same city
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    What do you mean the only state with nurse to patient ratios? Meaning that's a plus or a negative?
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    Since you listed no criteria for you future state. Go to a map, close eyes, throw a dart, VOILA!
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    Most of us just live in the state of confusion.

    Really, there is no way some random person on the internet is going to be able to help you make a decision this big. There are just SO many variables and just because I think my location is fantastic, you may hate it.
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    Lol good points to my very vague post, sorry I was really tired earlier . Well my husband does want to move to Utah, I would like to move to Texas if we were to leave CA. (We have friends in California or Texas, don't know a sole in other states) so I guess there is some criteria. I've never lived outside of central California.
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    Quote from jescalynn
    What do you mean the only state with nurse to patient ratios? Meaning that's a plus or a negative?
    Meaning in California, there are laws regarding how many nurses a patient can care for at once where as in all other 49 states, there are no such laws and the hospital can have you caring for 12 patients if it so pleases.
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    I hate my area.. No unions around here..
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    I like Massachusetts but only because my entire family lives here. If I had no family I would probably move somewhere else as I hate the politics here, and I hate the cold weather. Also it costs a ton of money to buy a house and it's difficult to get a nursing job (but the hospitals are really good).
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    The likelihood of you having a job offer in hand in another state you don't live in before you move is, in my humble opinion, less that zero these days unless you have connections or possibly go federal. Too many grads and experienced nurses are vying for jobs and I honestly don't know of an employer that would go outside the immediate area unless it was for a specialty/hard to recruit for position (i.e. CNO type where advanced degrees and years of experience were absolute necessity). If you are this early in your nursing school you could either not worry about this right now - long way to go - or relocate and go to school in the area you live - which would help you establish connections. Am assuming your spouse needs to work so you would need to look at what he does and the availability of his employment as well. I do know parts of Texas advertise a lot for nurses and a sibling of mine is "always" trying to get me to move to where she lives - San Antonio area - telling me nurses are needed but then you will read on here how difficult it is to get licensed in Texas/or find a job. I can also tell you at this point, Georgia in not the state you want to look at - salaries are low, jobs are hard to get - even for experienced nurses.
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