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I was so impressed by this nurse I met, she works at the hospital next door to the clinic I work at. I recently found out shes married to an NBA player, I asked her why shes working if shes married to money? (i didnt say it like... Read More

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    My husband makes enough to keep our family comfortable. I don't have to work. But I can't NOT work. I tried the SAHM thing for about 6 months after my son was born. Along with PPD, I went completely off the wall. Working as a nurse adds meaning and purpose to my life (yes, being a mother is important to me, but is not the entirety of my identity). I work Per Diem in LTC and it's perfect. I get to stay at home with my son most of the time, and still have the feeling of accomplishment of going to work. I work 4-8 shifts a month. It's enough to keep on top of my skills and knowledge, but not enough that I feel guilty for not staying home with my son. I intend to go back to school next fall, and my work schedule will be perfect for that too.
    The extra money is nice, and it's also nice to know it's not necessary if there aren't a whole lot of shifts open for me to take (around Christmas, the full-time employees tend to work as much as possible for the Christmas money). It's a perfect happy medium.
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    I know of a gal who is working as a CNA and going for her RN. She is also not young, ( around 40) and thi is second career for her. She was VERY sucessful in her first career that she never needed to work again if she wanted to. She is doing this for the challange and to make a difference in the world. She loves being a CNA and the patients love her. She will make a great nurse, and maybe it is because she doesnt "have to" that makes her this way? I dont know....
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    Not all that glitters is gold. And things aren't always what they appear to be. Why do you care anyway what she does or why she does it? It won't put any money in your pocket.

    She might not really be married to him.

    She might want to keep her skills current, which is extremely wise. Winds shift, so do personal circumstances. You never want to let something valuable, like job skills, lapse.

    I knew a nurse married to an MD for 10 years or so. She did not need the money but she worked anyway. Now they're divorced and she must support herself.
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    I work full time from home (not in a nurse capasity) and do a part time job as a LTC LPN. The part time job I don't have to work (between my full time job and my husbands we do fine). But I do it because I love working with geriatric patients.

    I've always said, if I were to 'strike it rich', I'd continue to work as a nurse. I worked hard to get where I am for my LPN, and continue to work hard to get my RN. Add to that, there is nothing like knowing you don't HAVE to work at a job. I think I am as happy as I am at the LTC is because its not a job that I really need, but do because I enjoy it.

    As well, as the others have pointed out...the future is not a guarentee. I might HAVE to work for necessity. I want to keep my skills and knowledge current.
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    Im not worried about it! I thought it was an interesting topic to bring up. She is married to him and of course "All that glitters isn't gold" duhhh.
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    Quote from Elleveein
    Im not worried about it! I thought it was an interesting topic to bring up. She is married to him and of course "All that glitters isn't gold" duhhh.
    I agree it was a good topic, I think about this every time I purchase a lottery ticket! I keep saying ill stay in school and i will still work but things may change when the money hits my account lol!
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    Thank you Juswanna
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    When I first ventured into nursing, my husband was making a very comfortable six-figure salary, full bennies, perks, etc. I didn't "have" to work; I'd been a stay-at-home mom for years. Just decided I wanted to be a different role model for my kids--they knew me as Mom, I wanted them to know me as Nurse Mom, lol!

    And after a time, dh changed jobs, salary plummeted with economy, bennies dropped, perks....? Nah. So then I was VERY glad to be able to have the job I did, as I primarily supported family now.

    And nowadays, we both pull in income, but I do need to work. Family health benefits are through me.

    My dream? To not have to work again, at some point, BUT volunteer at whatever my little ol' heart desires!
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    I dont have to work but I enjoy nursing. Also, my income creates a bigger rainy day fund for us
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    My man makes more than enough to support the household. He told me that I didn't have to work.
    I do, anyway.
    Right now, it's about building my career. I'd still work as a nurse in some capacity no matter how well off I was. Of course, income potential lies in nursing...but in the beginning? You have to pay some dues and have the right amt of exp to command the major salaries. Of course, income potential is on the side of nursing...but I took a paycut to become a nurse.
    If it were all about money, I would've stayed on the business track. I decided to 'Go Nursing', for a reason.
    It's me. It's me...actualized. No matter how hard my day just appeals to my personality. I give. I teach. I care. I contribute to society. I help. I love it. My work is meaningful. I wear my little LVN letters with pride.

    Other than that? It's nice to be self-reliant. What if he got laid off? What if we break up? What if he gets hurt and CAN'T work? What would I do? What would WE do? What if we married and divorced? How would I support myself...our children? Where would that leave me?

    Say what you will but it's a stupid woman, indeed, who doesn't cover her bets. ...who doesn't think ahead.
    'She' deserves all that she has coming to her and...I never feel sorry for formerly rich exes who feel as though they have to drive their exes to court for aid. I don't. These women have seemingly approached their relationships/marriage as though they've nothing to offer to any man but their uterus. It's pathetic.
    Now, the chickens have come home to roost... They've broken up.
    She's sitting about 'without a pot to p/ss in or a winda to throw it outta'. Pride on the floor, having to beg for scrabs from the table...and, presumably, looking for another 'sponsor'. I don't feel sorry for the spouses of these women, either. They deserve to be taken to the cleaners. That's what happens when you choose form over substance. Next time, hitch your wagon to a female that has the potential to be moree than 'dead weight'.

    Also? A person needs something to do with themselves. I couldn't care less how much money that anyone has. Just because you're 'rich'/'wealthy' doesn't mean that you can't also be a loser.
    Look at these 'reality shows', for instance. Now why would anyone envy people who sit around with nothing to do but their hair (and nails)? What a bunch of useless individuals.
    Get a life.

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