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I saw this picture along with the ad on Facebook. It is an ad for The College Network's RN to MSN program. "Go from an RN to MSN without sitting in a classroom! 100% online program". Really is that... Read More

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    There are so many better pictures they could've chosen for their ad. I find it offensive to women and nursing. That hat...LMAO, and is her top made of satin??
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    Yep it is for real, a real ad on Facebook! I did a double take and thought I had to contact the webmaster because it is just too ridiculous. RockinChick66 ~ No I don't have to wear a cap and as far as I know no one wears caps anymore which makes it all the more ridiculous.
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    I once had a young male 20-something patient make completely inappropriate advances towards me. When I told the doctors about it, I made the comment that maybe if nurses weren't portrayed as little sexpots in pop culture and in pornos, he wouldn't have gotten the wrong idea. Their response was "Whoa! What kind of TV/movies do you watch?" I was genuinely surprised that they were unfamiliar with the concept of the "sexy nurse". To me it's as cliche as the cable/pizza guy or sexy teacher image. Maybe because they were men they didn't realize how offensive and damaging that stuff can be? Anyway, they made the guy apologize to me. His response? "I'm sorry, I thought you would have taken that as a compliment..."

    Geez oh man...
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    I want to work where she's working.
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    Well, something needs to be done about the ads that talk about "CNA degrees" that give a "rewarding career as a nurse". I saw one of these ads on this website before, and I hear them on the radio. Enough is enough! And one actual nursing school offered "a degree in nursing with complete patient simulators that prepare you for contact with real patients after graduation". wth? So there's no actual patient contact while attending this school? Our generation is screwed.
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    I kind of like it! LOL!
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    I think that's just what facebook does these days. Once you put your pictures on facebook, they technically become facebook's property. This picture was probably yanked from some girl who was a naughty nurse for Halloween. Facebook also tailors the ads you get based on your employment/age/ that's probably why you have the ad. I don't think it's legitimate.

    Funny story, one time a woman's facebook picture was used for a dating website...the husband was a little confused when he saw the ad. Awkward.
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    I have seen much worse ads for online nursing programs on FB. I saw one with a photo that looked like the mug shot of a serial killer-not kidding. They are not at all trying to accurately portray the nursing profession. Their goal is only to grab your attention; apparently, they think this is what it takes! Who would pick their nursing program from a FB ad anyway? I don't think non-nurses see these ads and are influenced by them b/c no one takes them seriously.
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    Now that I think on it, I don't know which is worse, the ads with the terrible pictures, or the ones that loudly proclaim that the US nursing situation is in dire straits and that, if you go to nursing school, facilities country wide will be throwing themselves at your feet....
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    That ad and the photo are horrible and continue to perpetute the same tired old trite myths about nurses being hookers
    but as much as I loathe that image, I'm not sure what can be done when FB (or somewhere else) continues to remain legally free to
    use/adapt photos and ads to fit their preceived target audience.

    Final comment? AAARRRRUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
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    No quality product would use (or need) such cheesy advertisement; ergo . . .
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    that is the very reason I became a nurse in the first, slutty nurses....
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    Looks like a porn add.