Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

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    I don't know the woman in question, yet news reports acknowledge that facebook has caused another job termination casualty in the nursing community. I know there are numerous posts regarding this topic, yet I figure sharing this may help someone think twice when placing job/career related postings on facebook no matter how private you think your posts are!Follow the link to see why. What would you do?
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    I do not participate on FB, Twitter, etc. Too much risk involved, IMO.
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    I use facebook to keep up with my kids (grown). I don't believe I'd post any privileged information, but unfortunately I have to agree that this lady went the one step too far.
    I worry about the forums here. After thousands of posts I've never run into anyone I know, at least I don't believe I have. You have to be so very careful in what you say, write, read etc.
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    There have been possibly two people that I have been able to identify on this board. Still, I am certain that there are people who look this board over on a regular basis for their own purposes and they must get something of value for their efforts. Most of us would do well to think of that once in awhile.
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    that was a really stupid move by that nurse. I would completly share her feelings, but STUPID to post it on FB. She could have said something generic like "I hate dealing with scummy people at work" or "my job really sucks sometimes" and probably gotten away with it. What she posted was completly inappropriate. If her life is so bad that she has to put out a sob story like having 2 kids and an unemployed husband...then she should have been extra careful not to do something to lose her job.

    Like I said, I would totally agree with her thoughts, but putting it out in public was stupid.
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    By seeking out the news media, or cooperating with them when they sought her out, all she has done is put her situation out there for the whole world. Now she can be assured that prospective employers will not touch her with a twenty foot pole. She would do well to spend better time figuring out how she is going to provide for her family instead of aimlessly going after a lost cause, her gone job.
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    There are a group of night Nurses my city (not at my facility) and they have posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook...most of them show the Nurses messing around during work. They are wearing goofy hats, sitting around at the Nurses station eating junk food, drinking liters of Coke, etc......
    Also, in the pics posted, there are computer screens in the almost visible to the naked eye, but not quite.
    I am sure that if someone really wanted to, they could enlarge those screens, clean it up a bit and read all sorts of private/confidential information.

    I stumbled across the photos through a series of people being tagged in photos. They do not have their privacy setting set properly.

    I am sure these employees can go back and remove the info, but a friend of mine has already copied all of the photos and, that info is "out there" and can never be completely erased.

    People really need to think twice prior to posting anything.
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    While facebook is a whole new realm we have to be careful in.....

    It was clear in the news what hospital the "cop killer" was in. People whom knew her, knows where she works and she stated she was "face to face' with a killer and negative things about that person. Until she see's how wrong this was, I'd be reluctant to hire her. Very tough lesson
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    Jobs take it too far sometimes imo...
    My friend was working in Pier One Imports and she was written up because she wrote, "I don't want to go to work today!" on her twitter. That's retarded. Everyone is entitled to their privacy and personal lives.
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    Quote from tisgemuh
    Everyone is entitled to their privacy and personal lives.
    As are the patients...Maybe more so, and regardless of their background.

    This was not a retail job, she broke the law (HIPPA) and is now being punished for it. Her own fault.
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