And then some days it's more like this:

  1. 11 Too long on call. Short staffed. Even shorter tempered. Nothing has gone right.

    Not one thing.

    Wondering why in the @#$% you do this for a living.

    ED is swamped with a capital S.

    On the cart is a patient who, thanks to some bad life choices, has veins that love to play a dodgy game of peek-a-boo. The only thing standing between the patient assortment of tests and treatments (read: surgery) is the need for decent IV access.

    The Access Team is indisposed. Anesthesia is busy in a code.

    So you do your thing.

    One carefully and diligently secured 18G later, you leave the ED bay and it's all like:

    .....That's right. Slow motion walk and theme music.

    Because we can.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go play sand volley ball in my acid wash jeans and check the time by obscenely flexing my bicep. Because of reasons.


    And suddenly, it's all going to be just fine.
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    Even better than Chariots of Fire...
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    No visuals...just a black screen and that cool music
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    I had to use Shazam because I had no idea what the music was. I'm still not sure I get it.
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    The music is from Top Gun, and so is the beach volleyball scene described. Great sound track CP!
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    Whikka, Whikka, Whikka....Kick it.... and it goes a little something like this......
    Hey, I was hoping to see a rap

    "Too long on call, yeah, yeah
    Short Staffed, yo....."

    Sounds like the worst day ever. The tropical heat wave doesn't make it any better......
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    Actually, TAPS is more in tune to the end of my shift.
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    Walk out and away from the not under any circumstances look back!

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