Allheart phone number FOUND

  1. wasn't til after I placed an order that the thought entered my head to check allnurses regarding .
    Placed my order, paid for 2nd day shipping. got an email after the order should have shipped telling me that ONE item was backordered and they were holding the whole order. Searched for quite a while last night looking for a phone# where I could speak to a real person. Unsuccessful . Came home to a message from them today with a phone #

    i have cancelled my order and will not order again.

    they have extremely limited hours ..the msg left on my machine said 0700 to 1430 central; when I called the outgoing msg said 0800 to 1530 central

    if anyone else needs to contact allheart the number is (847) 821-7755
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  3. by   ChocoholicRN
    I've ordered virtually all of my scrubs from allheart, never had a problem. I have had to wait for items on back order, but they didn't hold up my entire order. They would send me an email saying "x" items are being shipped out on this date, and "y" items are on back order and will be shipped when they come in. Sorry you had such a bad experience, I happy to be happy with their products and prices.
  4. by   Atheos
    Sometimes they take a little time but they always deliver.

    Have had back ordered stuff but never once have they messed up on my order.
  5. by   whipping girl in 07
    I've ordered stuff from them for years. Never had a problem.
  6. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    For some reason, every time I tried to order from and used a debit card, I would get a letter a week later saying the card declined. They had my phone number, so I don't know why they couldn't call. Apparently, my PO box is also a problem. I havent ordered from them since.
  7. by   Magsulfate
    I have been getting my scrubs from . I really like this site,, it has all the different brands, and it is reasonably priced. I usually get my scrubs in two days and that is standard shipping.
  8. by   Keepstanding
    there has been other post about allheart before. they do not have a great reputation from what i remember reading.

    praiser :heartbeat
  9. by   melogan111
    I placed an order at for a pair of clogs. A week later I still have not received any correspondence from them. I went to their website and of course there is no phone number listed. I tried to track my order online and it "could not be located". Finally found this posting for the phone number. (847) 821-7755 is no longer the current phone number they have changed it to 1 866-947-5684. They are still having problems locating my order even with the order number from the conformation email they send directly after I placed my order. I will never order from again!
  10. by   MzMouse
    I placed a large order with AllHeart and it was a month before I received anything. Several of the items were back-ordered and it seems to delay them sending anything. After several emails I finally got the order, but I was really disappointed. I will never order from them again.
  11. by   jplyrn
    I recently placed a large order with AllHeart and was pleased with the price and selection. HOWEVER, I have had more problems with this order than I have ever had with a retail company. I tried searching for a phone number because my e-mails were never answered. 866-947-5684 works and I reached someone right away. I was overcharged by about $30 and have yet to receive any items 16 business days after my order. I would be very hesitent to use them again. Buyer Beware!
  12. by   Piki
    I too have used allheart before with no problem... until a few months ago... I ordered just plain white and blue scrubs and it took almost 2 months for all of my order to arrive. Very frustrating dealing with their customer service. I received part of my order fairly promptly, another part was clearly backordered, but the third item, I could not see that it was backordered or when/if was shipped. The phone # I found just directed me back to the website, no way to contact a customer service rep by phone. I had to write several emails to get an answer (not just a canned email response). I will never do business with them again. When I placed the order, I did not know it would take 2 months to get all of my scrub orders processed. I feel your pain! They are not reliable.
  13. by   tri-rn
    I had issues with them years ago...I can't even remember what the problem was, but I DO remember having trouble finding the phone number. In fact, I think it may have been my google search for a number that led me to this site....anyway, I vowed never to order from them again.