After termination: A Great Update

  1. 78 Hello All Nurses! I wanted to say something positive after seeking everyone's support following a wrongful termination. Thank you all for your kind words and steadfast support...

    I also wanted to give hope to others who have found themselves a target for harrassment and horizontal violence. Although I spent some time feeling down and out, I refused to be a victim and looked at this experience as a blessing in disguise. This was not exactly a "safe" place to work, if you know what I mean.

    My update? After closing an interview on Monday, I walked towards the exit and heard the unit manager tell her charge nurse, "Do I even have to interview someone else?" Human Resources called me on Wednesday morning to offer me the position! This job is at the hospital I always wanted to work, 15 minutes from home, and better pay and benefits!

    Thanks again, allnurses! You guys rock!!! D
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    The older I get the more I believe that everything happens for a reason. Call it God's plan or karma or what have you, certain bad things have to happen for the good to enter your life. I am very happy that you've found some good.
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    When bad things have happened to me, I'm always able to look back at a later date and say, "gee, if that bad hadn't happened, then this wonderful thing couldn't have happened." Always. There's a plan and a purpose and a path...sometimes, I don't think I'm on the path, sometimes, I'm not even sure if I'm anywhere near the path or anyone who can say "path" -- but it's true.

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    Congratulations! God works in mysterious ways.
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    Fantastic!!! Wonderful!!! I TOO was fired abt a yr ago d/t those that were bullying me making false accusations that I COULD DISPROVE.. but still, i was let go. AND, I found myself happier OUT of that hell hole. YOU are so much better off!! I'm still trying to become more strong in dealing w/those bullies as they are everywhere.. but YAY for you!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!
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    Congratulations!! As they say, living well is the best revenge.
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    Quote from Sanuk
    The older I get the more I believe that everything happens for a reason. Call it God's plan or karma or what have you, certain bad things have to happen for the good to enter your life. I am very happy that you've found some good.
    OT, but I don't believe God/something else lets bad things happen to people for a "reason." Bad things just happen. I just don't think that philosophy squares with the parents of a child who died, the person who was just diagnosed with cancer, the person who was paralyzed in a crash with a drunk driver, etc.

    OP, I am so glad things worked out for you!
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    Congrats! That's great!
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    Congratulations dear, everything does happen for a reason!
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    Congrats! When God closes a door he opens a window...and this was one great window of opportunity!
    I may not be in the nursing industry yet but I am experience some harassment of my own. I am glad someone got through it and found light at the end of the tunnel! I am hoping to find the same thing before my back stabbing dept fires me for no reason
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    Congratulations, that's excellent! I wish you success in your new position, please keep us updated.

    If you don't mind my asking, as it could help nurses in a similar situation, how did you deal with the "were you ever terminated" question on the application/during the interview?

    Again, all the best to you!

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    I am happy for you
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