Ad says 1yr experience. Can a new grad apply anyway?

  1. I'm scheduled to graduate LPN school in late August. I'm starting to look at jobs. I'd like to work as a tech or an aide for a few weeks at a place that is willing to give me a position as a nurse when I pass boards. Everything I find wants one year experience. This makes me really nervous. Am I expecting too much? Would it hurt anything to apply even though I don't have the experience they state they want in the job ad? I plan to go back for my RN soon.
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    LTC? Apply.
  4. by   Fribblet
    You can apply to any job you want. If they do not think you are qualified, they will simply reject your application.

    Write a nice cover letter, send your resume on in and see what happens.
  5. by   wifeandmomoftwo
    I'm willing to work LTC but REALLY want to be a tech/aide first so I will know the patients by name by the time I pass meds

    If I could pick anything I'd like to get either clinic or dialysis work (since it would be days) or three 12 hour LTC night shifts per week. I know I can't afford to be too picky though.
  6. by   SuesquatchRN
    NYS requires aides to be certified.

    Most hospitals aren't hiring new grads these days and LPN spots especially are hard to come by. As nights is the least-favored shift you shouldn't have trouble in your search if you are willing to work in LTC.

  7. by   Dublin37
    I always apply to RN I (zero to one yr exp) and RN II (one-two yrs exper). If they ask for 3 or more years I won't. The job I did have, briefly, was an RN II job listing.
  8. by   Bumashes
    I'd apply. Especially since it's LTC. If you're willing to start on nights, then that's a big plus, too. They may WANT 1 yr exp, but they also may TAKE less. Include in your cover letter why you'd be a good choice fresh out of school. Point out any extracurricular activities, clubs, or independent study/reading you have done. Anything to get an edge.
  9. by   wifeandmomoftwo
    Thank you!
  10. by   AntMarchingRN
    When I graduated I stuck to this little rule...

    1 year experience required, NO

    1 year experience prefered, YES

    That way if they werent going to consider me for this particular position, because I wasnt qualified by definition, I was still a consideration when a position I was qualified for opened up.

    I may be crazy but I thought if I sent them a resume for all the positions they would just get used to throwing my app to the side because...there I was again

    Good Luck in your search!
  11. by   Forever Sunshine
    The facility I work at now asked for 1 year experience. I applied anyway. I have a year and a half volunteer experience on a telemetry unit and 3 years retail/customer service.

    Apply anyway. You never know.
  12. by   carolmaccas66
    My advice is apply for everything and anything suitable. You have nothing to lose. I have quite often got jobs this way when I thought I didn't have a chance. Just go for it.
  13. by   itsmejuli
    Also, since you intend to go on to RN, I suggest you sign up for at least one in class pre-req in the fall semester. You'll meet other LPNs who may know of job openings. This is how I got my job.

    Network, network, network
  14. by   happy2learn
    According to an article I read the other day, it is a mistake to apply for a job you are not qualified for.

    "The reality is that recruiters hate wasting time on resumes from unqualified candidates."

    If it says "preferred" then I would apply. But if it says required, I would not apply. To me that says that you either did not read the entire ad before you applied, or you don't care that they want someone with experience, and the way I see it, that could leave a bad impression on you and they may not consider you for future openings.

    But that's just me and obviously many people on here think its okay to apply. I just don't want my name to be remembered in a negative way.

    If you do apply, please make sure to address the fact that you do not meet the required experience in your cover letter.