About to throw in the towel!!!

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    Ok so I work at a VERY small assisted living facility. We have about 32 residents. We have a small nursing staff of five (2 LPN's and 3 CNA's) including myself. I am one of the LPN's and so is my DON and the rest are CNA's. There is only one person a shift. I swing back and fourth between 2nd and 3rd to get some extra hours. My DON works the 1st shift weekdays. Anyways I have been here 5 years. We recently hired a new girl who was supposed to only be our 2nd shift weekend girl...supposed to be. She has come in and took all of our hours, even our DON's!!!! I do not know what our boss is thinking! I am beyond mad!!!! I have worked here 5 years, called off once, never been written up, and have went above and beyond at this job! We are all just very annoyed. I have lost so many hours since she has been hired. I just don't get it. We have all sacrificed hours to this girl. I need this money. Im getting ready to start school in a month and Im trying to buy a house. I would just find another job but this is a good job for me while Im in school or I would have probably put my 2 weeks in today when I came in and saw the schedule! I just dont understand how someone who has worked here for 3 months can come in and take all of everyone's hours! Im sorry for the rant but I have to get my frustrations out somewhere. Has anyone ever experienced something like this before? It seems like the more you tell my boss the more hours you need the more he takes away!

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    I know how you feel. At my old job we hired 2 new grads when they were only supposed to hire one. One of the new grads was put on my weekend to work when we had just had someone else move from our weekend because there were too many nurses according to census. Then the boss started to juggle schedules of the regulars from that weekend so as to accommodate another nurse who had decided she wanted to only work weekends. And then (!!!) Mr. Boss Man decided to put the new grad on the morning shift - the same shift me and 2 other nurses had been waiting for for over a year. With all the other problem going on on that unit, from management to patients to coworkers, I had had it!

    Talk to your boss about your concerns. If they can't bre resolved, then it might just be time for you to move on.
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    Ive tried talking to him and it only seems to make the problem worse really. It just seems like he doesnt care. The four of us who have worked here the longest have busted our butts the past 6 months because its been pure hell around here. We have people here that should be in a nursing home a 32/1 ratio is tough! I just feel I should stick it out here while Im in school because he works around my school schedule and I can study on my 3rd shifts and I know I couldn't do that at other places. Its a rocks and a hard place really. Its hard because I love my job just fed up with management. I just cant wait to get that RN and get out and hopefully have a consistent schedule.
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    Just a guess, but maybe the new person is getting the hours because they cost the least to the owners as far as hourly pay.
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    It sad to see that seniority doesn't mean crap anymore, but it doesn't. You could just quit but would probably end up in the same situation at a new place. New grads are cheaper and that outweighs your seniority. If you really want to leave, I'd try PRN somewhere else first to make sure the same thing isn't going to happen there (though I'd be surprised if it didn't).

    Good luck.
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    Is it possible that there are other factors at play here? How is your attitude/work ethic?
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    I would look for a new job, I know it's easier said than done but maybe there is a different area of nursing you are intersted in.

    WWJD (What would Jerry Do?)
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    My attitude and work ethic are just fine as I stated in my original post. In five years I have called off once, and never have been written up for anything. I have never clocked in late...ever. I am a very bubbly happy go lucky type of person so I never have a bad attitude in life generally. If I do I try not to let it show. My boss and I actually get along very well its just this management glitch that is messing with the whole staff not just me.
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    seniority, great attitude, work ethic , not calling off, etc can all end up being worthless. I excpect that . That is how the world works. They are nice traits to have and help depending on whose game you are playing. sad to say but true. you can come in 70hrs one week and the next week need a day off for an emergent drs appointment and you would think you called out everyday
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    Its sad but Im finding that to be true )=
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