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    Is it my imagination or have things gotten really bad out there for nurses. I was just made a DNR from hospital I worked at frequently with no complaints because I had a patient who repeatedly told me she was going to track me down and kill me. I was stuck with her for 6 hours listening to that. Her family even came in and told me she is a "scarey, violent" person.
    I wanted to file an incident report regarding her behavior and hospital security and house supervisor both said I was over reacting and they did not want to do it.
    When I worked there the next day head of security came to me and said that since I complained to so many people (security and house super) that he had to file "a damn report now"
    Next thing I know I am made a DNR according to my agency, but when agency asked hospital why, they are not forthcoming with any reason.
    Am also finding that administration at hospitals I work "travel" at is very hostile to the travel nurses. Usually staff is okay, it's the management that is hostile. Go figure.

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    Sorry you are being treated like this. I feel outrage but not surprise. Just validates everything bad I have to say about management in general. There are places that do things correctly but one is more likely to hear a story like yours that the good stuff.
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    What do you mean by DNR ??

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    What does DNR mean in this sense?
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    Quote from Praiser
    What do you mean by DNR ??

    Yeah, that's my question too.

    Because you've been threatened, your company is forcing you to have a Do Not Resuscitate?

    Or . .does it mean something else?

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    I'm guessing here . . . . Do Not Return?

    If so, why in God's Green Earth would they choose to use those letters?

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    I sure hope it's not the DNR that I'm thinking it is, because it seems like that's an inappropriate (and illegal) action to make someone a do not resuscitate after someone else has threatened to kill them!
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    I'm assuming the DNR here stands for Do Not Rehire. I was confused too at first.
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    It means "Do Not Return".
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    Well, if either of those are true "Do Not Return" or "Do Not Rehire" . . . whoever thought of using DNR as shorthand was not very smart.

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