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For nine months she carried him in her uterus. Made sure she gets enough sleep and was able to take her iron pills and milk regularly as advised by her Obstetrician. She read him books and let him... Read More

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    As a Jew I wasn't upset by the OP's last paragraph. It is Christmas-time, after all! Let's also consider the background of the OP. She's a Philippina living, working, and educated in the Philippines where Catholicism is the religion of overwhelmingly all of the people there. How must she feel about the judgmental comments, after writing with difficulty, in almost perfect English, that long and well written post?

    Let's not lose sight of the point of her post!
    It is necessary to help thiose without the money required for it, to live healthier lives! Often we are very intolerant of other nurses who aren't in "lock" step in other ways, with most of us. I've suspected that I lost a job because of who I am, and then I'm not proud of that thought, even though I couldn't think of any other reason for that loss - and I wasn't given any other reason.

    I had requested time off for a Jewish religious holiday, had obtained a nurse for to replace me. The nurse in charge who was responsible for that, was from the Phillipines. She had very little, if any experience with someone of my faith, and I'm sure her upbringing made her believe that anyone who isn't Christian, is a bad person.

    Lucky for all of us who aren't Christian, that and other prejudicial beliefs/myths are the exception, and not the rule now, as evidenced by some of the responses herein. However we should be careful about bending so far over to include other beliefs in our circle of approval, that we "diss" those who exhibit naevite, because their culture hasn't changed to include respect for everyone. Some Jews, in our zeal to take pride in ourselves and our religious practises, also have offended others, which could be one reason why we are the object of prejudice sometimes.

    I suspect as well, that the poster of comment #5 who confused the belief in God, with the belief in Jesus as his/her son/daughter is someone who believes that both must be held. Jews believe in God, the same one as Christians do, but exclude the possibility that Jesus could be the messiah/son of God. Jesus was a Jew, even a member of the Jewish clergy as were some of his disciples. It is the declaration of the belief that he, and not all people descend directly from God, that makes our observance of religion different. Jews also don't believe that heaven and hell exist as reward/penalty for living (or not) according to good ethical practises.

    Some of us also believe in hygienic, since outmoded beliefs that having milk and dairy products on the same plates, using the same cutlery as meat is served, is wrong. So they have 2 sets of dishes and cutlery that are only for meat, or only for dairy. That could be why the jealous thought arose that all Jews are wealthy, when clearly we are not.

    In order to have peace within us all for our own choice of religion, and not make individual assessments of what is good, and what is not rule how we think of others' beliefs, we all need to let others live according to their own beliefs, and be harmonious. Wars are still being fought to this day about whose religion is right. Sufficient is the belief that those who harm others intentionally, are not right. Please lay down those swords, whether in words or deeds!!
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    Quote from sunsetbeach
    Wonderful article. To the nay sayers I have one question. Do you react negatively to a patient who expresses his or her belief? I thank God-yes God -that there are nurses out there who have such a loving compassionate heart to care for her patient and bring about life giving change! Bravo!!!
    Now woah there nellie....

    Are you saying that I cannot have a loving compaasionate heart unless I am a Christian?

    I am not a Christian and I assure you that I have a loving and compassionate heart....
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    I thought it was beautiful and to those who are spiritual an infant represents the ultimate spirituality, the purity of new life, the gift of a promise to mankind. Enjoy the post and do not get wound up in the religion/no religion aspects. We all share the joy of holding a baby whether we believe it comes from God or just from the perpetuity of life. Those who do not believe in God should appreciate life more than anyone, for to them this is it, a one shot deal.
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    Quote from mindlor
    Now woah there nellie....

    Are you saying that I cannot have a loving compaasionate heart unless I am a Christian?

    I am not a Christian and I assure you that I have a loving and compassionate heart....
    No, I don't think she meant that. People can have kind and loving hearts and not be Christian. I think it is the comments of the people who are telling the OP she should have left out the last paragraph because it upsets them.

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