2018 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

  1. Hi all,
    I've been reading up on the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program and looks like in past years, threads have been started for the yearly application process. I'll be applying as a Staff RN (non-faculty) working at a DSH with an HPSA Score of 16. Not sure of my DTI percentage yet. Hoping to connect with others that will be applying to the program next month and we can all share our updates here. Best of luck to everyone!

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  3. by   obrienvx
    Hi mefifome! I am also planning to apply to the program and hoping to use a thread to share info. I am an RN with a DSH of 16, DTI of ~145%.
  4. by   babyz
    Will be applying as an NP. DTI is about 250%. God knows I really need this award and I pray I get it. Waiting for the application to open. Wish everyone well.
  5. by   JessicaDNP
    I am faculty, DTI ~150%. Hoping so much for this! Took a 40k pay cut to teach and my loans are about to come out of deferment (eek!). Best of luck to my fellow nurses!
  6. by   babyz
    Has anyone tried to log in. Did they see this?
    I tried to post a picture but could not.
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  7. by   babyz
    I logged in and saw a message that reads thus

    Hello Ozioma
    The 2018 NHSC nurse Corp application is now closed. I saw the same thing for loan repayment. Other programs say 2017. Does anyone have this experience. I hope it's a typo
  8. by   glowbug
    I plan to apply to this program. I signed up for the e-mail notification ,but I have yet to receive anything. Last year, the application was made available at the beginning of January......so I don't know what is going on.