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  1. GCU Informatics Preceptorship

    Hello, ? Were you able to locate a preceptor ? I am interested in this program, how do you like it so far? Have you graduated yet, and if so, obtained employment in your field? Do you think this is an in-demand field? I am interested in inf...
  2. For a person that is not concerned about race, you brought up quite a few racial topics and made it known that your program is predominately run by women. If race doesn't matter to you, then why did you need to make it known, that you are a non-poli...
  3. I prefer 12 hour shifts. I do not want to be at work Monday - Friday. Heck no!!
  4. Hi, HooRN, I live in Dallas! My advice would be to, just keep applying, & in the mean time, I would apply for a position at an long-term care facility. You have not worked at the bedside in 8 yrs. So at least, you could be working on building som...
  5. New Grad - Dallas

    Its hard to get a job here. I would not make the move.
  6. I'm tired of reading articles on this website about how there is a nursing shortage. Unless you live in a remote, rural, small town, where people have to travel distances to obtain healthcare.....there is not a shortage. I have classmates, who I grad...
  7. I agree with this post. I stayed with the same company as a CNA for 5 years before I became an RN. Prior to that job, I worked for a multitude of different healthcare facilities in my state, many of which are no longer even in business due to treatin...
  8. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Have you ever worked in retail before? You have to open boxes, stock items, lift heavy objects, deal with dirty cash all of the time. Why wouldn't you wear gloves?
  9. Parkland Dallas, TX Nurse Residency Spring 2018

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  10. How much do nurses make?

    I need to find me a new job; my annual based salary is on the lower end. Thanks for this information.
  11. I've read several articles recently referring to a nursing shortage, but I have friends who graduated two years ago, who still have not found a job. I think more applicants should be turned away. There are thousands of new grads a year where I reside...
  12. StaRN program - quit during training

    I received a job offer from HCA, but I turned it down. Did you hear back from the other hospitals & land a position?
  13. I feel like it doesn't matter whether or not you have your ASN or BSN; its just hard to find a job period . I have friends who graduated in 2016, who still do not have their first nursing job, but I live in DFW, where there are nursing schools every...
  14. Dallas Methodist July 2018 Residency

    What unit is your second interview for?
  15. I hate my new grad nurse residency program HELP

    Glad to hear that you found something else!