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  1. Hi, HooRN, I live in Dallas! My advice would be to, just keep applying, & in the mean time, I would apply for a position at an long-term care facility. You have not worked at the bedside in 8 yrs. So at least, you could be working on building some recent floor experience. There are verrryyyy few non-bedside jobs available in Texas, especially for nurses who do not have recent floor experience. Its always good to keep your toe in bedside nursing because practices change. Based on your description you have quite a bit of experience, but you do not hold a Master's degree. I work as a floor nurse, and I am letting you know more than 80% of the nurses on my unit have Master's degrees & cannot find an alternative job that does not involve teaching. My unit just hired a floor RN who has been an NP for 7 yrs, who hasn't been able to land another NP job; she broke down crying on the unit a night before because she hasn't worked as a bedside nurse in 5 yrs. She states she doesn't remember it being this hard. lol Anyway, there is a lot of competition out there, many of the nurses in non-bedside positions have been in their roles for years and now have Master's.
  2. glowbug

    New Grad - Dallas

    Its hard to get a job here. I would not make the move.
  3. I'm tired of reading articles on this website about how there is a nursing shortage. Unless you live in a remote, rural, small town, where people have to travel distances to obtain healthcare.....there is not a shortage. I have classmates, who I graduated with almost 2 years ago now, who still have not found a job. There are so many schools of nursing now, due to for profit colleges that hospitals have a massive applicant pool. It takes forever to get hired as a new grad with no experience, especially if you do not know anyone who already works at the hospital or have no CNA experience. Where I work, we are down 25% of nursing staff. Is it because there are no nurses available to fill the positions? No, its because people keep quitting.
  4. I agree with this post. I stayed with the same company as a CNA for 5 years before I became an RN. Prior to that job, I worked for a multitude of different healthcare facilities in my state, many of which are no longer even in business due to treating its employees poorly or fraud. I only left my because I wanted a job in emergency services. I am now trying to get back to that company after having left because they treated the staff better than the company I am currently with. I will be searching for another job starting in January. Companies do not treat employees well; there are very few who do. At my job I have no support! There is no one to stand up for me. My benefits are not good, expensive, & are inferior to my last jobs benefits. Like you said, gone are the days at working for a company for 20+ years!
  5. glowbug

    Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Have you ever worked in retail before? You have to open boxes, stock items, lift heavy objects, deal with dirty cash all of the time. Why wouldn't you wear gloves?
  6. glowbug

    Parkland Dallas, TX Nurse Residency Spring 2018

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  7. glowbug

    How Much Do Nurses Make? - 2018 Salary Survey Part 4

    I need to find me a new job; my annual based salary is on the lower end. Thanks for this information.
  8. I've read several articles recently referring to a nursing shortage, but I have friends who graduated two years ago, who still have not found a job. I think more applicants should be turned away. There are thousands of new grads a year where I reside, and usually less than hundreds of new grad positions posted.
  9. glowbug

    HCA spending money to retain RNs

    Starbucks has better benefits then HCA.
  10. glowbug

    StaRN program - quit during training

    I received a job offer from HCA, but I turned it down. Did you hear back from the other hospitals & land a position?
  11. I feel like it doesn't matter whether or not you have your ASN or BSN; its just hard to find a job period . I have friends who graduated in 2016, who still do not have their first nursing job, but I live in DFW, where there are nursing schools everywhere. So you have to compete with everyone in your class as well as prior classes & students a semester ahead of you to land a job. It really just depends on where you live. On top of that, if the hospital has great benefits & treats the nurses well, you can bet that there will be little to no job openings, for new grads or experienced nurses for that matter. I worked in a unit as a PCT, where the nurses all had been there for more than 15+ years, they did not hire any new grads in fact none of the med/surg units did because the nurses stay! So, I had to seek employment elsewhere once I graduated, but at least I received some great recommendations & assistance from my coworkers.
  12. glowbug

    Dallas Methodist July 2018 Residency

    What unit is your second interview for?
  13. glowbug

    I hate my new grad nurse residency program HELP

    Glad to hear that you found something else!
  14. glowbug

    Question about Medical City...

    Great, go with THR or Children's. Good luck on your journey.
  15. glowbug

    Group One

    I don't know if you are still trying to figure this out or not, but here is the form you have to send in to review your file https://gp1.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/REQUEST-CONSUMER-REPORT-DISCLOSURE.pdf
  16. glowbug

    Question about Medical City...

    Medical City pays about $12- $13 an hr for techs. The cost of living is not as affordable as people would like to think here, unless you live in a small Texas town, your rent will be more than $800 a month, plus utilities and travel expenses. Which is very tight since you will be making less than $18. I also get concerned when I read about people moving here and them making the comment about how more affordable things are especially since, our homeless population has swelled.