2 PRN jobs?

  1. Hi everyone:

    I was just wondering how many of you have 2 PRN jobs at the same time and what it's like in terms of weekly schedule/hours and pay? do you like it?

    I've been thinking that in the future I might like to work 2 PRN jobs instead of full time on one unit.

    would love to hear people's experiences with this.

    Also, anyone out there work like a 9-5 office type job and still PRN at the bedside?

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  3. by   Horseshoe
    I have two PRN jobs. The down side is there are no benefits. I get my health insurance through my husband. Because he is self employed, our insurance is expensive, has a very high deductible, and has a 20% copay, which is high.

    I do like the flexibility and I work PRN in two totally different fields, which I also like.
  4. by   melmarie23
    I currently have two prn jobs. I schedule more with one than the other and am considering just going down to one.
  5. by   Gently.me
    I also have two PRN jobs, and I love it. My first job is at a neurosurgery center and the second is at urgent care.

    The pros are:
    1. Great experience in both
    2. Both jobs are completely different (scheduled vs. no schedule), so it keeps me on my toes
    3. You get to see a lot of different things and work with different nurses
    4. Job flexibility. I decide my schedule
    5. Pay is usually more

    Cons to per diem:
    1. No benefits. This one really sucks
    2. No set hours. I had one week where I only worked 15 hours...
    3. Sometimes you are not considered truly part of a nursing team, just there when needed.

    One of my jobs is looking to hire full time, and I am going to accept that offer due to the need of benefits. My schedule will soon be: Neurosurgery M-F and Urgent Care every other weekend if available.

    I do like having ther experience. Working in one place can sometimes narrow the scope of nursing....
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Years ago I worked for two different nursing agencies since there was no full time work at that time. I really didn't li,e not knowing from week to week where I'd be working.
  7. by   RNperdiem
    I only work one prn job, but a couple of my coworkers have a full time job and then work prn.
    One works M-F in research, and the other is a NP.
    The downside of 2 prn jobs is that you are required to work (at least in my job)one summer holiday and one winter holiday. Two jobs means more holidays worked.
  8. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I have 3 PRN jobs. I'm in school so it works for me. The down side is not knowing how much money I will be bringing home every two weeks. I rather have just one part time or full time job but its not really possible right now.
  9. by   Quark09
    I was wondering what would be the best way to schedule two PRN jobs; I didn't know if most people set aside certain days/shifts with one agency, and then worked around that with the other, or just leave it all up in the air.

    I'm on my husband's insurance too, so the benefits isn't an issue. What I'm really liking is the experience; one job is peds LTAC; the other is adult home care, who are for the most part medically stable.
  10. by   Just.Blessed.RN
    Adding life to this thread. I've been thinking about a full time job and having 2 PRN jobs. Basically I've been in nursing for 2 years and I haven't found an area that I love, but I do love being a nurse, hence all the jobs. I guess I could use the money to pay off my student loans and start investing. But I am truly searching for a specialty that I will fall in love with!! Currently working Psych, Med/Surg, and LTAC! Wish me luck!
  11. by   LittleFoot, TX
    Going off of just.blessed, I am a brand new graduate that started working prn for a private client. He is a family friend so he mostly knew my situation, and I was very upfront that I will only stay until I find a residency position in a hospital because I would really like the experience for my career goals.
    I am getting ready to start a round of interviews at a few hospitals, but now my client is offering to pay me 37/hr...! He really wants me to stay, but I seriously need the experience, plus home health is the furthest thing from my top choice, but it's an easy and stable job.
    Do you think I could work full-time in the home and at a hospital, or should I go PRN at the home and full time at the hospital?
    I know which one is more ethical and yadayadaya, but these student loans say otherwise...