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Quark09 has 11 years experience and specializes in ED, MICU/TICU, NICU, PICU, LTAC.

PMHNP student

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  1. Chamberlain Rn-BSN online starting 1/2/17

    Hi! I'm starting the RN-MSN bridge program (TOMORROW!) I've been a member here for a while but haven't posted in quite a long time (several moves and recently another new baby). Nice to meet all of you
  2. Hiya! I'm starting the RN-MSN/FNP track (so a wee behind you) but wanted to say hello :)
  3. How To Document Sleeping On Night Shift

    I'll usually write "pt resting quietly; eyes closed, VSS, NAD at present". Depending on what pt has been admitted for (resp. distress, cardiac, etc) I'll do extra notes on that specific area as well.
  4. Probiotics in the NICU? What's been your experience?

    It's been broached on my unit, but right now our standard is breastmilk/donated BM. It would be interesting if we could start a trial here; I'll be interested to see what other replies you get. Sorry I'm not much help .
  5. She actually said it! Yay for my instructor!

    Oooooh I remember that from nursing school. We had a chick in there who had had every single condition we ever studied, and if she didn't have it, her kids, her husband, or her BFF did, and the nursing care she/they received was JUST HORRIBLE and "TH...
  6. IN licenesed RN looking to get CA RN license

    California and Indiana both participate in NURSYS (well, California does for RN licensure). Reciprocity is much easier to obtain this way, so check out this link: https://www.nursys.com/NLV/TermsConditionsNLV.aspx. Good luck with your move!
  7. Failed NCLEX 3 times and FINALLY passed!!

    Congratulations to you!
  8. And that I completely understand. I haven't worked in many situations where I would run into that particular behavior (ED I hear is a big one); I've done PACU and SICU (both situations where the drugs are ordered and definitely needed) and now I go b...
  9. Thoughts on using donor breast milk in NICU?

    We use donor milk for our preemies if mom can't express milk; I don't recall anyone refusing - what I find more worrisome is the indiscriminate/informal internet milk-sharing I've seen lately. One mom here had mentioned that she was going to continue...
  10. Lots of really good replies on this, and I've nothing really profound to add - only that if I have a patient saying he/she is in pain and I've an order for the meds, I'll give it. I'd rather a drug seeker get their fix than chance someone who is trul...
  11. I live in Tacoma (originally from southern IL). For some of the bigger hiring entities, you really need at least a year's experience - for example, Multicare hires for several of the area's main hospitals (Mary Bridge Children's, Tacoma General, etc)...
  12. I passed my first semester of LPN school!

    Congratulations! That first semester is usually the rough one; now you've a better idea of what to expect and how to study. Good luck in your upcoming classes!
  13. Jeff Solheim -where can I buy his CEN CDs?

    He's on facebook too; Project Helping Hands also has a page. Someone there may be able to point you in the right direction!
  14. The Dirtiest Word in Chronic Health Care

    Yes, yes, and YES... to the article and to all the comments thus far. I've sat on the nurse's side of this equation often enough, and yes, it was pretty easy for me to gaze at a patient and think "Wow, you've already lost one arm, and yet you still p...
  15. Working with student nurses

    I've been on both ends of this. I do recall being in clinical my first semester on a med-surg floor; my preceptor had a Foley to insert on a female pt and asked if I'd like to do it (of course I was like "Hellz yes!"). Weeellll, I couldn't find her ...