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"Weekends aren't a shift!" - page 3

Yep, that's what a higher up said. So, since weekends aren't a shift, they have closed the cafeteria to staff and visitors. Of course, they still will serve patients by some miracle. ... Read More

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    I can't believe what I am reading I have never heard of such an inhumane attitude. I know nurses are treated badly in other countries but surely it cannot be much worse than the OP's hospital.
    What is wrong with this senario-pt's are getting sicker, staying longer, more demanding and what do we find Nurses are the scapegoats.
    I dont ever take anything from the kitchen I just never have, because where I trained in the UK we heard of a couple of RN's who were fired for eating off the trolley-I was so petrified that I never ever took so much as a cracker. This old fashioned attitude has stayed with me ever since, but I care not what other people do and if they are hungry then eat a saltine cracker then I dont see a problem.

    The food they serve in our cafe is so awful it would be better off closed, and we pay large amounts of money for it. I have lost count of the amount of people who have had food poisoning from there.
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    Our cafeteria is open on weekends and holidays, but only until 2p and they have a very limited selection. On Mon-Fri it is open 7a-7:30p. We fought with administration for a long time just to get that.
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    Quote from bethin
    yep, that's what a higher up said.

    so, since weekends aren't a shift, they have closed the cafeteria to staff and visitors. of course, they still will serve patients by some miracle.

    you're probably thinking it's because they're trying to save money. nope. i spoke to the director of dietary and asked if people were losing jobs and how it was going to be staffed. she responded that the same amount of employees will be there on weekends just like old times. i asked her why close it then. during the week, it is open for all 3 meals and in between. in between you can get drinks, snacks, etc and leave your money in a locked case. surprisingly, no one has cheated as their is a camera pointing directly at it.

    used to be, on weekends we got served lunch only but the doors were left open and we could go in and get drinks, snacks, etc. and leave money. now the doors are staying locked all day long. if a pt requests coffee or pop, we have to call dietary and have them bring it over. if a visitor wants coffee or pop they're going to have to go to mcdonald's which is so great when you get the elderly visitors.

    we also received a note stating that if staff 'steals' snacks that are on the floor, which consists of graham crackers, peanut butter, and saltines, that we will be cut off. hmm, and what to do about those crashing diabetics at 2am?

    so after speaking with the director i hear a very high on the food chain nurse say "weekends aren't considered a shift". i emailed her and told her that if weekends aren't a shift then i guess i can stay home.

    i know i need a new job. but for some reason, big hospitals scare me and that's what i'm surrounded by.

    edit: we're not allowed to leave for lunch.
    holy crap. i cannot believe what i just read. that is crazy. what the he**? weekends aren't considered a shift??? so, uh, close the hospitals on the weekends. they do pay you to staff the weekends right? sheesh. call the media!

    so the cafeteria is closed but they are still staffing it. but for just the patient trays? no food for the employees or visitors. just plain nuts. why doesn't your floor carry patient snacks? what do you do for regular hungry patients (not to mention diabetics) ? it is a long time between dinner tray pass (5 pm) and breakfast (8 am).
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    Quote from bethin
    Edit: we're not allowed to leave for lunch.
    We get delivery on nights, usually Italian or Chinese. Day shift usually orders Greek, unless the boss springs for pizza.
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    I am not allowed to leave my unit for lunch (nightshift) let alone get to the grill for anything to eat (it's closed)

    I do however, sometimes snaffle the odd saltine or jello. And no, I don't think I'm a thief for doing so. I think they thieve my time every lunch period. We have to fill out a form if we want to be paid for lunch and it's frowned upon.
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    Our cafeteria is open 0600-0000 everyday. It is nice for those of us who work nights excpet for the fact that after 1900 the only options are the grill (burgers, hot sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, etc), a sandwich or salad. Before 1900, there are many lines and options. But we are very happy to have this now- it use to close at 1900 and you were just outta luck if you didn't bring food or come in early to get to the cafeteria. We are docked 30 minutes for lunch as well, and most of the time we take it and then some. Depends on the night, but for the most part we have ample time to eat and drink.
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    Our hospital stays open til 7:00PM, but it doesn't help much when during the 2 hours from 5-7 you're busy getting report, answering call lights, taking surgeries in, trying to pick up messes from the other shift, etc.....
    I have learned to eat at 4:00 before I leave the house for work (i live 10 mins, door to floor)....and pack enough food to get by, cause I normally can't eat again til about 11 or so....when I don't get a chance to eat for 30 mins(which tends to be pretty often) i write no lunch in our timesheet edit book. However, after 11PM, most nights it tends to slow down a touch....here's hoping for a slower weekend!
    It's all about the benjamins.....and it's no secret. Can't wait to see what your patients start saying in surveys about vistors not being able to get food.
    Just a thought, in terms of coffee/soda, your hospital doesn't supply a limited amount of it for patients? We can usually get about 24 cans of variety of pepsi stuff from the kitchen, coffee for a coffee machine, and assorted juices for diabetic options.......just a thought, approach it from health of patients standpoint. Can't wait to see what would happen if a diabetic starts crashing from not being able to get some food in em....
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    Quote from Hospice Nurse LPN
    Where I work nights aren't considered a shift, either. Day shift is served 3 meals (without charge), but I can't even get them to leave a decent HS snack for my diabetics. I am the one who provides peanut butter crackers and juice for my diabetics because I stop at the store on my way in a purchase these things.
    In the state where I live, that is so totally illegal. Residents/patients, to my knowledge, cannot go for more than 4 or so hours without being offered food. What a bunch of weenies.
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    That is terrible! We have a pretty well stocked fridge in all our stations, jello, cereal, juices, coffee, soup, bread (and toast), and lil snack paks with turkey sandwiches. We, of course, are to touch nary a saltless saltine.
    Our caf is open til 0230 but you know what you're getting into before you go down there, SOS... burgers, grilled cheese (which can really hit the spot at 2am, tho) and cold prepackaged stuff.
    I feel guilty to have so many options when you all have so few!!!
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    Quote from Hospice Nurse LPN
    Where I work nights aren't considered a shift, either. Day shift is served 3 meals (without charge), but I can't even get them to leave a decent HS snack for my diabetics. I am the one who provides peanut butter crackers and juice for my diabetics because I stop at the store on my way in a purchase these things.
    I think by doing that, you're enabling your institution to continue their practice of not providing food at night for your patients. It's almost as if you see yourself as a martyr from the way you bolded 'I'.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that you do that for the patients, but what if you go on vacation, etc. The hospital needs to be held responsible, and as long you continue what you're doing, they won't be.
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    In the area that we live in...the hospital here is like that...no cafeteria on the weekends and they only prepare foods for the patents.

    We also don't have any restaurants that are open past 10:00 pm except for Huddle House (it's like a Waffle House)...that is at least 7 miles away from any hospital, and Wal-mat, which will allow you to at least pick up a pre-made deli-sandwich or a frozen food if you forgot your food.

    So the nurses around here are very used to having to bring their lunch or they won't have anything.