"I'm not floating." - page 7

Yup. Unfortunately, sometimes in the facility we have need of nurses on other floors and hey, did you really want to be called off and lose more time? Trust me, the supervisor and I put thought into... Read More

  1. by   Been there,done that
    It seems like you and the supervisor put great thought into the necessary float assignment. That is more than a lot of areas I have worked in.

    As long as you and the supervisor feel it is a safe assignment, the nurse needs to act like a professional and take their assigned turn gracefully. If their job description includes floating as necessary, and the nurse is not accepting the assignment in a timely fashion.. you have two options. Write them up and/ or inform the nurse manager of the problem.
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    AH the advantage of working Dialysis. Never a problem for me. I hated floating when I worked in the hospital.
  3. by   ERGirl83
    This post makes me grateful to work in a closed unit!
  4. by   hherrn
    ER=no floating.
  5. by   WKShadowRN
    I've been called to work other floors still since I've transferred from flex to ER. But I really enjoyed being flex. I appreciate the cross-training I received in all the floors I worked. I just wanted to work, so wherever they put me, I'd work. It's the only way I was able to be oriented to CCU and ED, and now I know in my heart that I'm a critical care nurse. I love it so much. It's in my blood.

    But, it was hard being the flex nurse that was oriented everywhere. More often than not I did feel dumped on. /shrugs.
  6. by   dream'n
    I hate floating also and it should be an issue of safety that the ANA handles nationally, but they are too busy writing theories or something to do anything useful like that. Anyway, I honestly think floating should be outlawed. Administration thinks a nurse, is a nurse, is a nurse, since we all went to nursing school. Well why don't they have the Podiatrist over in L&D, or the Pediatrician over in OR; a Dr, is a Dr, is a Dr. They all went to Medical School right????

    I am looking to leave acute care ASAP and floating is one huge reason why.