"Honestly it happened to a friend". Advice?

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    One of my colleagues has been having big time issues with her manager. Borderline harassment, documented all interactions including follow ups.

    Today it happened "by accident" She was with a colleague who was helping her with a "training" on new paperwork. The collegue was directed by the semi hostile supervisor to teach the paperwork etc.

    While chatting through the boorish paperwork it was disclosed accidently by the colleague that the supervisor stated "you need to watch out for susie nurse" "She will bowl you over with her dominant personality, bosting on her knowlege and taking over".

    I told "the friend" this is more then unprofessional and should be documented and reported to her supervisor. I know that there has been other concerns regarding this addressed with not much response.

    Is this harassement? Or is it just bad managment. What should she do?

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    Stay out of it.
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    I offered no advice. But curious how would one proceed in a case like this? Call an attorney? Just kidding.
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    The paperwork was "boorish"? As in rude and clumsy?
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    LOL more like clumsy.
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    Wow, I am confused:

    you're asking if your work colleague should report to her supervisor something her supervisor told another nurse?
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    Which one is susie nurse? :spin: So your friend's boss told a new employee to watch out for your friend because the boss thinks she runs over people like a steamroller?
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    Agree with the first poster, stay out of it.
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    trust other nurses like me who take everything said about another person with a grain of salt. I often will tell people who say such things that I prefer to make my own judgements about my co-workers, and it takes a little while for me to get to know everyone.
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    He said, She said, blah, blah, blah…..

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