Endo/GI lab

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    What's a typical day like for nursing in this position? Just scoping all day?

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    thread moved for best response.
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    Setting up, scoping, documentation, getting path samples labeled and sent to path, cleaning, setting up for tomorrow; may include patient intake, IV start, patient monitoring during procedure(s), recovery, patient teaching, discharge instructions, or these may be done by an outpt surg dept that covers GI lab and other outpt units.
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    I work in outpatient endoscopy. It can be very, very busy. We have two procedure rooms and generally see about 26 pts per day. The RNs have three different positions:
    1. Admit/Recovery- admissions interview, starting IV, monitoring recovery, education and discharge
    2. Assisting- helping in the procedure room with polypectomies, biopsies, dilations, etc.
    3. Sedation- providing conscious sedation and monitoring the patient throughout the procedure; being prepared to act in an emergency

    In my opinion it is very routine- but in a good way. What I really like is that it is truly a job that you do and then go home and forget about it. I will come in the next day and have 25 totally new patients. Good stuff.
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    Sounds good. I have an interview coming up. Although I am not sure I want to go back to 40hr work week
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    How did the interview go??
    The 40 hour work week can be a drag....but it is nice to be home every evening, weekend and holiday!
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    I think it went ok, but haven't heard anything yet. It wasn't performance based either so that threw me off a tad.
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    I know this is an old thread but how are the physical demands of GI lab compared to a tele floor? I'm trying to find something that is a little less physically strenuous on my back and knees. I would hate to quit my current job only to find that the new one is too hard on my back. BTW I'm referring to outpatient GI lab.
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    When I am the sedation RN in outpatient GI lab, I am expected to wheel the patients on a non motorized gurney to and from the procedure room. Sometimes the standing in one place while sedating a patient can make my back tired. I have no previous back injuries and I am 30, so I don't mind it. But you may want to shadow someone if possible to see if it fits with your activity level.
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    Thank you!

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