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    I work in a endoscopy unit with 10 procedure rooms. You typically work in three different areas.
    Pre, post, or procedures. The procedures vary, we have a peds rooms, a bronchoscopy room, 4 anesthesia rooms which typically specialize in ercp's and eus's and then 4 conscious sedation rooms. We typically do 40-60 outpatients a day while fitting in inpatients wherever we can. It's hard work. I am on my feet a lot more than when I was med surg. Anesthesia rooms are a little better since the crna's are managing true sedation and airway.

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    I say the thrill of doing EMR, ESD, ERCP gluing Esophageal Varices, banding, glueing fistulas, draining pancreatic cysts, capsule endoscopy, Bravo Ph monitoring and saving a patient who is bleeding out in the ICU for a few makes my day. Love Endoscopy been doing it for 20 some years now even published in the ASGE It's a great job!!!!

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