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UCF 2013 Fall-Orlando generic BSN applicants? - page 13

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    Hey all! I know the nerves are definitely still there. As someone already answered, we have no control over when our classes are! They literally assign everything. Clinicals are almost always Thursday and Friday, with labs and classes Monday through Wednesday. Also, they'll go over everything in detail that you need for the program, including equipment! So I know you are all anxious and maybe trying to get a head start on being prepared, but they could change some stuff. They send out details about stethoscopes, and don't recommend getting anything too "fancy" like the cardio. You're just starting out learning to hear all the adventitious sounds, and the cardio are so much more specific, that a lof of students can distinguish the fine sounds like are hair or something crazy that is heard really well in the cardio between normal/abnormal. It is kind of overkill for the program, but again they send out instructions and different deals that you can get with your other supplies.

    Good luck everyone! If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. For me last year when I was in your shoes, it was one of my saving graces, being able to stress with others but also get reassurance from people that were in the program already It may take several days to answer cause this semester is intense!!! lol
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    Got my letter for accelerated program this afternoon! If I pass, that's another seat in basic open!
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    Congratulations! I'm happy for you. Please let us know how it goes
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    ! Yay, and we probly wont even get invites until after the accelerated selections are made to prevent overlap for both programs...
    Can't wait and I so put my son in his swing today so his butt would go to sleep while I was researching scholarships today! I didn't realize he is only going to get more demanding..
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    In the first semester, most had clinicals on Thursdays and Fridays. So, if your labs happen to be on a Tuesday, you will be busy Monday through Friday. I know of a few students who had to make arrangements for their kids because of that.
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    I'm planning on putting my daughter in daycare during school. And if I can't pick her up in time my fianc can get her.
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    The UCF daycare? I love that one but my son won't be old enough until next year..
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    I might move my daughter there because they have the night program, and her current daycare closes at 6. Hubby is unavailable nights.
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    No not the UCF one. They have to be 2 and fully potty trained to go there and there's no way I'll have her fully out of diapers by the time school starts. I'm putting her at a place by Waterford where my best friend works.
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    Here's a good question- where are clinical sites? Do they tend to be around UCF? Are they everywhere? That would have a huge bearing on where I put my daughter for childcare. For example, if they are all going to be on the east side of town, close to UCF, then I could put her at the UCF daycare (she JUST figured out the potty training thing thank goodness), but if they are everywhere- then I'd keep her close to home, since I live near downtown and the drive out to UCF is quite a hike.
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    I have no idea. Maybe GoKnights will chime in and let us know.
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    When I was hospitalized at winter park they said they see UCF students there. So maybe WP? I'm not sure if they meant med students or nursing ones though.
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    I volunteer at WP Florida Hospital and see UCF nursing students all the time, and particularly on Fridays.