UCF 2013 Fall-Orlando generic BSN applicants? - page 13

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    I've posted them previously
    Overall gpa 3.8
    Pre-req 4.0
    TEAS 84.7

    And I also thought about U of Miami but for that price, I'd want to look into more affordable options first. They have a good NCLEX pass rate there.

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    Aww, see, your golden MamaKate!
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    I hope! I'm just curious how the interviews will go.....
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    I'm terrified! i haven't had to do an interview in five years.. I wonder if its going to be personal like: What are your career goals? or standard like: Teamwork/Work Habits??
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    One of the current UCF students told us that the purpose of the interviews are to lower the drop rates and they hope to do that by interviewing us.
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    Still waiting..... no word yet.
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    Yep. I keep refreshing my email on my phone every couple of hours and nada lol
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    Lol. Do the "Today at UCF" updates keep throwing you off too? I get all excited for a minute.
    For good luck, I've been wearing my ugly white nursing clogs to work. I keep telling people "I'm breaking them in" but I thought maybe they could bring about some good luck in the letter department.
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    What kind of clogs are they? I need to get some. I only have black shoes from my old job. I've heard a lot of people on here recommend the danskos, so I'm thinking about investing in a pair of them if I get into the program and all.
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    And I don't get those emails on my knights account.....

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