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Hello everyone, I'm a new grad and as you all know, it's pretty hard to find a job without experience. I live in south Florida. I applied to PSA Healthcare because they hire new grads and offer training. I've heard good and... Read More

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    I agree that $22 dollars an hour sounds wonderful but I just can't bring myself to work in LTC. Usually the nurses have close to 30 patients and spend all of their time passing out medications. I really do like old folks too so it's not that. I just can't see being happy with that many patients. That sounds stressful. I wish that it wasn't like that
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    I agree. LTC is total hell. However, I did find some things in private duty nursing that were very stressful for me. Lots of family members living in the home. I always had family members around watching me like a hawk. I was never alone with the patient. The patients mother was always telling me what to do and how to do it. I was never allowed to make any decisions whatsoever. When the patient was in the hospital I had no paycheck. I also worried that maybe his mother would decide to get rid of me at any time. Even though LTC is total hell, I don't have to worry about not having a steady paycheck. I had belonged to 3 different private duty nursing agencies and the only other work they had available for me was always in towns located 2 hours away from me. They never had any work available in my area even though they had told me when I got hired "Don't worry. We always have plenty of cases in your area."
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    Yeah I can see some aspects of private duty that would be stressful. As you said parents watching you like a hawk and telling you when and how to do every little thing. While I welcome suggestions easily; I could see that getting very old I am also worried about having a steady paycheck so I am always on the lookout for a different job even if it is just part time to supplement
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    I know this is an old post, but I had to reply ...

    NewGoalRN ... You got the pay thing TOTALLY WRONG..... I'm a new BSN grad, I get paid $16, I work night shift, I have worked weekends and THERE IS NO DIFFERENTIAL FOR WEEKENDS OR NIGHT. It is $16/hour ALWAYS.

    As far as choosing .... You don't get many options 1, max 2.

    As far as refusing ... BE CAREFUL .... If you refuse, they stop calling you. I have a friend that had this problem.
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    One more thing about PSA:

    As a new grad BSN, you must work at least 24 hrs/week for 6 MONTHS before they increase your pay to $18/hour.
    And $18/hour was told is the highest YOU WOULD EVER MAKE WITH THEM.

    So, if you interview & get hired ... GET IT IN WRITING !!!! Because when paycheck time comes .... You will have issues.

    One good thing about PSA though, they hire new grads, but after basic training, you're on your own.

    If you workd the day shift, you can call the Clinical Director which makes you feel stupid for asking questions.
    If you work the night shift, you have to leave a message and guess what???? .... THEY DON'T ALWAYS RETURN YOUR CALL.
    So, I guess if you have a new grad question which according to them you should know, you probably won't get a call.
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    I am interviewing with PSA tomorrow. The recruiter who came to my school was pretty straightforward about it: That the pay is low, doesn't go up, no raises, but since they hire new grads, she understands that most people do it for a year of experience and then jump ship. I appreciated how honest they were, and former classmates who worked for them didn't have any complaints (since they knew what they were getting into). I'm an LPN currently taking pre-reqs for my RN, so it seems like a good fit, plus I have a regular job I can pick up shifts at when times are lean.

    As far as all the opinions on confusion, office politics and other crappy aspects, thanks for the honesty! It's good to hear about the dark side and prepare myself for life not being peachy keen just because I have a job.

    One of my clinical instructors works for a nicer HH agency, but I can't go until I get a year of experience. Here's hoping I can stick it out!
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    Congratulations nekosuki on your career transition from LPN to RN! To be fair, everything is not bad about PSA.

    Good things ...
    -Weekly paycheck
    -One client per nurse (or 2 clients if want to work more)
    -Paid basic training

    The pay is low, but is better than nothing.

    Best of luck to you! You are really making a difference and just remember .... You will meet great families that will help you determine best ways to care for their loved one and you could also meet other families that are not so involved, but you still must provide best care possible.
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    I just got hired with PSA and they are giving me $16 for RN pay. I am relocating to Miami and I figured as a GN with no contract...what the heck? But let me tell you, I did not go to school for a 2nd degree in nursing to get the same pay I had before!!
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    I have heard that PSA never give raises either. It doesn't matter if an LPN or RN is new or has many years of experience either. All nurses get the same low wages. I have 30 plus years of experience as an LPN and they only offered me $15 an hour-same as a new LPN. Thank Goodness, I was able to find a job at a LTC facility instead of PSA.
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    Hello fellow nurses, I am supposing they are according to what's beeing said here, pay even with exp, etc. but is PSA in Florida new grad friendly?

    *plz disregard, just reread this last page, too many threads, too many forums.

    I figure if I'm doing PDN with extremeley low pay in NY, I will be better off with aprx the same pay in FL
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