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Hello everyone,

I'm a new grad and as you all know, it's pretty hard to find a job without experience. I live in south Florida. I applied to PSA Healthcare because they hire new grads and offer training. I've heard good and bad things about the company depending on the location.

Does anyone have any input about this company here in Florida?

Thank you!

They r legit, offer training etc but low pay

Their pay is horrible $16/hr no mileage reimbursement. I guess it's better than not being employed and not using your nursing skills.

Is that $16/hr for RN or LPN?

i got an email saying that based on reimbursement, they pay rns $18.00-20.00 per hour based on pt acuity. i found out one of the girls from a previous class is currently working with them since may. she told me they pay her $16 per hour because she's a level one (inexperienced new grad rn).

if i get offered the job i'm going to take it. i rather have $16 per hour in my pocket than $0 waiting. she also told me that after a month she included her new experience with psa in her resume and she got called from a hospital for a pediatric floor position. a little experience is better than none. [color=#4c4747]

I am an LPN with over 30 years of experience. PSA offered me $15 an hour.

Specializes in OB.

That's low for LPN. Not sure I get why you would get paid so low when you hold a license. Scrub Techs just have certifications and are higher than that.

PSA is not the only one offering $15 an hour. There are 2 other nursing agencies that also offer only $15 an hour. Not enough nursing jobs in this area so they all take advantage of the nurses here.

PSA is decent. Their pay is low but it's because they are tied to Medicare/Medicaid funding which alot of their clients have. They provide decent training and if you are a new grad they are one of the few places that will take a chance on you and give you a job once you pass their screening, interview and exams.

Once you get some experience, this on your resume should help you get a better job. Their training through Mosby is excellent.

I know nurses here in Floriday, level one RN that make $17 with $1 for weekend or overnight differential so that's $18 as a level 1 nurse or little experience. They pay weekly and their money isn't funny. You don't get mileage but you can choose and refuse your assignments.

No. PSA pays low because they know they can get away with it. I have over 30 years of nursing experience. One of my other agencies pay me $18 an hour. That patient is also on medicaid and I get paid $18 an hour. It has nothing to do with medicaid.

PSA was the first agency I worked for as a new nurse. I worked for about eight months with them. Legit company. Pay check every week through direct deposit. Scheduling super flexible. I loved it, and only left because I needed hospital experience, and benefits. The pay was measly but I could live. $19 an hour as a new RN with BSN. They do not give raises from what I have heard. I heard about them through a friend who was an LPN who worked for them over 15 years before doing her RN (we met during school). When she did her RN we both were making the same amount of money. She wanted to move up, and do office work since she was with the company so long-- hard to move up in the company. They hired someone else for the office position. Who knows maybe she needed some other qualifications.

Anyhow so now Im a nurse 2 years in. Still at my hopsital job. But going back to school, so I want to cut back at the hospital and do a light duty somewhere else. FYI, the work at PSA especially the two cases I had. It was like babysitting. Everything in me is trying to find something that was awful and honestly it was easy work. Feed baby, play with baby, oh baby is sleeping, and give meds if any. Which is why I think they hire new grads, and new grads start at level one. Fresh out of school most RN's "should" be able to handle a level one. N before you take any case you can have orientation to get a feel of what your day/night would be like. So you dont walk in blind. I think higher levels have trachs and vents.

So I try to go back after 2 years, no interview, they want me to work. Sweet. Go in to sign papers, and they tell me oh the pay is now $18/hr. Something something I cant remember about pay decrease across the board etc.. I say thank you but I cant do that, I can work an extra shift at the hospital, I will not do $18. Thats not being arrogant, but how can as a new nurse I make $19, and now coming from a step down unit with 2 years exp I settle for 18...I was honestly thinking they would up my level (acuity), and give me at least $20. But there was no price negotiation. I would have settled for 19 again. So In closing. I loved working for them. If you need a job work for them as well regardless of pay. But if you have experience I would say shop around.

I just accepted a job with PSA and have yet to go through training and orientation. I am so excited to get started that I can barely contain myself!!!! lol I am a new grad and the pay rate here in Jacksonville is $18 an hour. Yes that is low but hey, can't complain as I will be getting experience and it will pay the bills. The people in the office are very nice. The interview process was laid back which really helped me feel at ease in answering their questions. We had to take an exam on Peds health and medications/dosage calculations. It was pretty basic but I would brush up on vitals and emergency situations. I say go for it if you get an interview and a job offer. It seems like the job market is REALLY bad for new grads so get your experience any way you can ;)

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