MDC *Generic F/T* Fall 2011 ;-D - page 33

hi and congrats to all of us! i made this thread so we could all exhange info for out ft cohort. that way we won't get mixed up with the other p/timers and ao track! congrats to them too! for... Read More

  1. by   kerima
    Not really... I had planned to read during the break, but I still havent cracked open a book. I've been enjoying my free time, sleep, and my son. But I'm definately getting back into "school mode" tonight. I think the first topic for med surg is Neurological so I'm going to try at least read that before class. Have you gotten a syllabus from any of your teachers? I'm in seq B so I have Coombs for both Med Surg and Pharm. Who do you have?
  2. by   on eagles wings
    Haha I understand. I've been trying to relax too. Yea neuro should be our first topic. I haven't gotten anything from our teachers. I'm seq1.
  3. by   on eagles wings
    Did anyone get their book unbound for medsurg? I did and am getting them rebound with spiral bounding. It looks awesome and I think it will save my poor back. They debound both volumes for free. Then each book was rebound for like 5.35 at kinkos.