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Two questions...

  1. 0 Wow, I can't believe that when I joined this forum I had just decided to go back to school, and now, here I am 3 months away from graduating!
    So, just wondering...How long did you wait to take NCLEX after graduating and how long did it take you to find a job?
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    I took like 3 months to do a final good review and to take a break. I found out pretty quickly that I passed and had a job within 2 mi this. This was over 6 years ago. Congrats and best of luck.
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    Graduated in May--took NCLEX in July. Started working in August.
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    Graduated mid may, took nclex first available date - one month later, interviewed beginning of September for my job and started 3 or 4 weeks later
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    Graduated May 2012, took/passed NCLEX in September 2012, and I do not have a nursing job right now--3 months of that though I was not looking due to monitoring stipulations. Hopefully, it will be soon.
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    I took the NCLEX 6 weeks after graduation. I had surgery scheduled immediately after graduation--as in the Monday after the weekend ceremonies--so I didn't expect to hit the review books for at least a couple of weeks afterwards.

    On the other hand, I didn't want to wait too long on taking the test either: better I get it over with while most of nursing school was still fresh in my mind. I figured about a month of reviewing would be enough.

    I accepted a position about 3 months following graduation.
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    I took NCLEX 3 weeks after graduation. I graduated 6 years ago when the job market was good, so I had my job offer in March of my senior year of college. Start applying NOW.
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    Graduated in May, took the NCLEX at the end of June, had a job in September.
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    LVN program - I took NCLEX about 2.5 months after completion and found a job a few days after receiving my temporary license. Of course, this was back in 2006 when the nursing job market was more robust.

    RN program - I took NCLEX 2 months after completion.
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    LPN program. Took NCLEX less than a month after graduation and landed my first job the day after I received my license. That was in 1996 when a nurse, RN or LPN, could literally walk into a LTC or hospital and have a job the same day.
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    Graduated in December, started working in January, passed NCLEX in Feb. This was 2006.
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    There was a/b 1 month between graduating & taking the NCLEX, and I had a job offer before I took the NCLEX. The economy was much better then.
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    I took the NCLEX 1 month after graduating (I wanted a month to "review" for the exam). Started my 1st job 7 mos later (I took summer off/had fun/got married in between). ;-) Good luck!