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I started a new job last month, and I am in nursing orientation this week. Today we had a session with the director of Magnet whatever (our hospital has had magnet designation twice, so they apparently have a whole department on... Read More

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    it has always been my plan to get my bsn but after i get hired. i have been told that it is getting harder to get into my hospital of choice as a new adn, i haven't graduated yet, but i made it my responsibility to meet as many higher ups as i could, i made friends with the vice president of human resources, the man right under him, the vp gave me the number of the director of perioperative nurses and told me to call her, said he would tell her to be looking for my call, some supervisors, etc... networking is now more key than ever as an adn student unfortunately, as if we don't have enough to do with schooling and family. But, you do what you must, and now the vp of human resources checks in on me and my grades and tells me he is waiting on me to grad and i'm in, like i said, you do what you must. :smackingf
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